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PUBLISHED : Saturday, 07 September, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 07 September, 2013, 3:16am

Rude teacher Alpais Lam now places her trust in police over death threat

As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Many of my friends rhapsodise about traditional Chinese medicine. But as soon as they develop a serious ailment or a life-threatening condition, they all run to consult a real doctor. Likewise, some of us may think our police are biased and serve only to protect mainland honchos and harass pro-democracy activists. But at the slightest hint of physical danger or threat, they all call 999.

So it is with Alpais Lam Wai-sze, the teacher who shouted abuse at police for their perceived mishandling of a confrontation between Falun Gong followers and a local pro-Beijing group. Now that she has received a death threat, who did she call for help? Don't get me wrong, I am sympathetic to Lam. As a frequent but not very good driver, I often get traffic tickets, but rarely take them lying down. While I was never as liberal with profanity as she was, I am sure I would not look good if captured on a YouTube video.

Whatever sin Lam might have committed, she has repaid many times given the amount of pressure and stress she was subsequently subjected to over the furore. Now a handwritten letter has been sent to her, allegedly by a self-proclaimed "underground Communist Party member", with a box-cutter blade stuck to it. It accused her of being a Falun Gong sympathiser and threatened to kill her. She is asking for police protection and officers are investigating the case.

We know all this because she posted the letter on her Facebook account. We don't know why she went public. But I am sure police will investigate her case properly and offer her protection, if necessary. She now seems to have placed her trust in the force, so it can't have been so awful as she seemed to think the officers were in the original confrontation.

So far, however, Lam has not apologised to the police officers involved. Well, neither have I. I am sure our officers take verbal abuse from the public all the time, and in most cases, respond professionally. "Asia's finest" may be an exaggeration, but generally, our police are just about as good as they come and compare favourably with any overseas police force.

Meanwhile I have resolved to drive more carefully and stop fighting police. Lam, I am sure, feels the same way now.


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Has this women no shame? She clearly has no civilized values and has repeatedly demonstrated why she should never be allowed to teach again. Moreover, the pressures and stress she faces are self-generated given her behavior. She may find some redemption if she apologized to the Police and accepted her conduct was wrong.
your swear at them and now you ask the police for protection, you're such an idiot! i'll just show you the finger and tell you to F off. thank god you stopped teaching our next generation
AL’s another simplistic and unjustifiable assertion:
“she has repaid many times given the amount of pressure and stress
she was subsequently subjected to over the furor”
She burdens society with her self-incurred pressure and stress
for which she’s still adding weight and has repaid nothing
If she apologized, criticisms and furor should cease for lack of cause - we all err
But she insists she’d the “rights” to behave like a rascal
while being paid and commanding respect as a teacher
She publicly abused the mothers of those she’s biased against
and promoted naïve prejudice against the entire Chinese police force
by disrespectfully flaunting misperceived neatness of calling HKP, “公安”
Worse of all, she has aroused social debate over a decidedly unethical issue
whether a fool with faults like hers can be subject to “citizen execution”?
Such a debate while clearly exposing the city’s serious moral confusion
pushes simpletons like her further into an amoral wilderness
For integrity if she and her supporters honestly distrust HKP so much
as thinking that abusing police mothers is a legitimate pastime
they should hire her own protection rather than relying on subject of their complaint
to exceptionally work responsibly for her
despite its allegedly serious failure to work responsibly for others
It seems that everyone is resting today for peace or it becomes an intractable problem, as there is no comment yet.
Since Ms. Lam asks for the police investigation, she may have recognized that her initial negativity toward the police is not good for herself and everyone involved. Does it mean that she is admitting her mistakes or sins? It is still a question.
By the way, is she a catholic? If she is, there is a sacrament of reconciliation available. As Pope John Paul II said after 9/11: there is no peace without forgiveness. Forgiveness is the first step to peace. Therefore, may peace be with you all.
Written in Simplified Chinese characters, mentioning that they are communists, extremists and radical ones, ready to hurt her. And signing with a name and underlining that he/she/they are communists. Well, the writers just want to make sure that there is no confusion about from whom this letter is. Ms. Lam, no worry you poor girl, the HK police you wished to go to hell weeks ago, surely will protect you. That is their duty, no matter what or who wrote it, even if you wrote it by yourself. lol.
And why she went puplic with the letter? Well, isn't it obvious why she did it?
Ooo my how dare you question the obvious stupidity of the letter?
Any proof that this letter was sent by the undersigned writer? An idiot telling the police that he is the perpetrator? Can this letter be created by an anti-communist or by an ally of Ms Lam, or even by a member of the FLG? Looks more likely she is dreaming of being HK's Aung San Suu Kyi.
hard times !
sure,Ms Lam Wai-sze has received many times of punishment due to her sin 'committed' on July 14th in Mongkok-------using abusive words against the cops carrying out their duties in Sai Yeung Choi Street south. Now she is asking for help from the cops after she received a letter of death threat sent from a self-proclaimed hidden CCP member in town named:Li Kwok-keung accusing her of sympathizing with the Falun Gong ( a cult in China) and attacking the CCP as a cult itself ! How vicious and evil-minded these rascals are in putting so much pressure on a female primary school teacher ! Shame on them !
The police, just like any government agencies, is responsible in serving the public while Ms Lam as a citizen has the responsibility to hold the government and its agencies accountable. Ms Lam is justify for being critical against the police for their incompetency in handling the MK incident and she is just as justified in seeking the assistant of the police for the life threating letter. I really don't know where Alex Lo gets the idea that just because you require the services of a public agency, you must go all out in kissing their ****.


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