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PUBLISHED : Friday, 11 October, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 11 October, 2013, 1:03am

Ugly outbreak of Hong Kong bigotry

It doesn't get any uglier than this. You have heard of the ugly American, the ugly Chinese. Well, may be it's time to hold up the mirror and have a good look - the ugly Hongkonger.

A young, vibrant mainland woman and recent graduate of the University of Hong Kong was knocked over by a truck on Saturday and died later in hospital.

Stephanie Liu Han, 25, had a bright future in the city's financial industry. The accident in Quarry Bay was reported in some newspapers. What do you know? It has become the occasion for online trolls to attack mainlanders.

You have comments like: "Truck driver, you've done a good job."

Here are a few more samples: "What the Chinese people did in Hong Kong made every Hongkonger angry."

"Hongkongers have lost their sympathy [for Liu], but they made us feel that way."

"I can only say it is indeed a tragedy, but compassion can't make us ignore the fact that she came to Hong Kong to grab our education resources since she was not a permanent resident. Hope her family pays for the hospital fee; otherwise, it's not fair to us taxpayers."

"Actually, she is really lucky. If this had happened in the mainland, she would be dead already. At least in Hong Kong, she will be taken to the ICU!"

On many sites, when a few posts tried to express sympathy for Liu, they were quickly mobbed by furious replies, like this one: "All those who hate have their reasons behind it."

Geez, I suppose Hitler and the Nazis had their reasons to hate and kill six million Jews too.

What kind of people post such hateful messages online? What if Liu were an expatriate girl from Europe or North America? Do you think her accidental death would attract the same venom from our local self-righteous haters? You can say the same nasty things about such a foreign girl such as wasting our education resources, taking up our job opportunities and using our public medical resources even as she laid dying.

Some Hong Kong people, especially younger ones, have grown monstrously self-centred, parochial and narrow-minded. There is an emerging bigotry, and it has Hong Kong characteristics written all over it.


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Just from some comments online and one draws the conclusion that HK is ugly and bigotry is just like 4 blind men touching the elephant and say the elephant looks like this and that! Online may be a fashion for young people, and they think online is the world. This is an extremely narrow view.
Now, some commented there is no such think as HongKonger. Of course there is, no matter how much one speaks down to it. Mainlanders rush to HK for better services is a proof that HK is different from the Mainland. And I bet that person saying no HongKonger is enjoying HK services too.
YW Koo
Alex Lo is a communist party mouthpiece, the whole newspaper has gone to the dogs.
Cyberspace is an ugly place where some people get in touch with their inner-stupid in the guise of annonymity and support of virtual-friends. Right after the 9-11 incidence at New York, cyber chat rooms were filled with ignorant hate-fueled comments about killing all Muslims and any rational-minded people not siding with the mob were labeled as Bin Laden lovers. There is nothing that binds strangers together better than a common cause, and no common cause is more effective on bored, ignorant, unhappy people than hate. Just look at the French revolution, the Nazis, the Cultural Revolution. People are smart as thinking individuals, but really stupid as mobs. Also, people are often braver as mobs. Come to think of it, maybe that is whole concept behind armies-- a mob of brave, stupid people who is fighting for a made-up cause, risking their lives for the benefit of a select few pulling the strings.
Without HK; China is still China. Without China, HK is nothing! There's no such animal known as HongKongers, they're just plain yellow skinned Chinese! No matter how much these monsters want to be kiss asses, it won't bleach their skin
When the teacher Lam Wai-sze was being politically prosecuted and harassed by the police for her innocent crime - speaking against the foul HK commies - where is Alex Lo ? He is only a CCP mouthpiece to bad-mouth Hong Kongers,
Alex, go back to China and work in the new phallic building of China Daily. It's the right place for 50-centers like you.
RIP Poor Stephanie. Her sole crime was being a Mainlander trying to make something of her life. Yes, she was educated in HK, So what? HK People don't study in the US or UK? I would have thought that as decent human beings, we would not be counting the cost of the medical resources used trying to save her life. But you know what? She's better than all those people who trolled the news of her tragic and untimely death. Stephanie Han got herself and education and a good job. She was contributing to HK which is more than what can be said about a lot of HK locals. As a "HongKonger" I am ashamed.
Instead of pointing fingers to each others noses!I deeply sympathise to the family of the deceased student Stephanie Liu Han..She don't deserved to get those hateful messages..She's gone already..RIP.
south koreans don't get into these stupid arguments about who's **** is bigger. chill out, grow up you puss1es. do some **** to gain back the respect. talk is cheap. earn your respect. HK is free falling and that's the only thing we should focus on improving.
Shame on all these so called "Hongkongers".. You have hijacked the term.. Perhaps a zillion.............time worse than the Communist Party hijacked China.
Shame on all of you.. . I was born & rasied in Hong Kong But certainly NOT one of YOU.
all you whiny little babies , you seem to forget a few months ago some chinese professor calling hongkongers DOGS
that first stone was caste a LONG TIME ago and not by hong kong




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