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PUBLISHED : Saturday, 09 November, 2013, 3:25am
UPDATED : Sunday, 10 November, 2013, 2:51pm

Aquino apology call reaches fever pitch with Manila sanctions vote

Philippine president Benigno Aquino is right. He should not have to apologise for the hostage tragedy on behalf of his country. Hong Kong's self-righteousness and indignation has reached a feverish pitch, culminating with the passage of a non-binding Legislative Council motion for sanctions on Thursday.

The timing is far from ideal; it just exposes our callousness. Typhoon Haiyan, one of the most powerful ever recorded, slammed into the Philippines while our lawmakers deliberated in the air-con Legco chamber on sanctions.

It has set off landslides, caused blackouts in an entire province and cut communications in the country's central island provinces. At least four people have died but the death toll is expected to rise.

Albert Chan Wai-yip, a pan-democratic People Power lawmaker, launched the motion to impose sanctions against the Philippines unless Aquino cries uncle. The pro-establishment Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee, our ex-security chief, helped with its passage by calling for an end to visa-free access for Philippine visitors to Hong Kong.

Jumping on the bandwagon, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying has said he supports sanctions. This is perhaps a negotiating tactic, but more likely a cynical ploy to halt his plummeting popularity.

Now that's a political ménage à trois you rarely see in this town. It is, indeed, some kind of political pornography. But if Leung thinks that would help salvage his dwindling public support, I say don't bother. He will get no credit if Aquino apologises, only the blame if he doesn't.

Over the decades, how many Philippine domestic helpers have been mistreated and abused - how many driven to suicide? Should Manila demand an apology and a victims' fund from Hong Kong?

Dr Rizalina Bunyi, 55, was one of the victims killed in the Tiananmen Square terrorist attack last week. Shouldn't Manila now demand a formal apology and compensation from Beijing? How many Hong Kong visitors have been injured or killed in accidents that could be attributed to official negligence on the mainland? Should Beijing apologise?

The families of the victims of the Manila killings deserve closure. But our belligerence will not achieve that for them, only make it worse.


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With the calamity that has befallen our countrymen, the question of apologizing and giving millions of dollars in compensation to the victims is dead and buried. Let us not cite anymore the suffering of Filipinos abroad enumerated by the author. If our government has any money to spare, it should be given to our countrymen in the typhoon-stricken Visayas. Don't kick us when we are down.
@Jihmbo: You are way out of your league in dealing with me. Hubris? I guess you would know about hubris, judging by your unstoppable compulsion to insult everybody who disagrees with you. You were hostile and insulting to me right from your very first retort to my comment, and as such, your self-righteous prattle comes across as tiresome and hollow.
And what is your basis for saying that, o exalted one? I mean, since you're obviously such an expert on apologies and can tell whether one is sincere or not.
Oh, and while you're at it, don't forget to answer my questions too. Don't just cherry-pick the parts of my comment you can respond to.
Why the juvenile name-calling, Jihmbo? Have you reached the limit of your intellectual capacity already?
Are you saying that they don't need to apologize because we haven't asked for it? And that we need to apologize simply because they want us to? Wrong, Jihmbo. One apologizes because it is right to apologize, not because the other side asked, or did not ask, for an apology. And in this case, we do not have to apologize any more than we already have.
Anyway, who are YOU to speak for the Madrigal or Bunyi families, Jihmbo? You think that just because they haven't openly "expressed displeasure," they're somehow happy about losing family members? Has it ever occurred to you that maybe they just don't think it's worth the trouble?
Get off your high horse, Jihmbo. You like to think you're some kind of paragon of virtue. Unfortunately, you're just a self-righteous bore.
Calling someone a simpleton, not to mention making fun of someone's name, is name-calling by all definitions, Jihmbo. Anyway it's obvious that you don't see anything wrong with it, and that is okay, as it shows your own lack of civility and intelligence.
Speaking of hypothesizing, what do you think this is, Jihmbo?
"Do you know for a fact that the Madrigal family has not been addressed by the Chinese government privately?"
So apparently, not only are you a ignoramus, Jihmbo, but you're a hypocrite as well. How does it feel to be hoist by your own petard, Jihmbo?
Not to mention that your hypothesizing is the worst, since there is no evidence whatsoever that the Chinese government has ever privately approached either family. You are simply trying - and extravagantly failing - to defend everything the Chinese do.
I brought up the two Filipino families since their situation is quite relevant to this discussion, as it displays the hypocrisy of the Chinese in demanding an apology from us while not giving an apology in a similar situation on their end. It also displays your hypocrisy as well, which you still probably don't see, and that is okay. Nobody ever accused you of being intelligent.
Yawn. What, you're still replying, Jihmbo? You're a whiny child presuming to be the equal of adults. The moment I pointed out your hypocrisy, you changed tactics in an attempt to hide it, LOL.
It's getting a bit boring already, seeing as you haven't managed to rebut even one of my arguments. Your style of "argument" is to call your opponent names and then declare that you've won. I'm laughing my **** off here.
Contrary to your ignorant ranting, the parallels between the 2 incidents I mentioned and the bus hostage crisis are quite significant, and they are enumerated in this link:
It's pretty obvious that you don't know anything about the two incidents. Time to educate yourself by reading up on the writings of legal experts who are far more knowledgeable and intelligent than you will ever be. But I doubt you will. Ignorance is bliss after all.
You're an arrogant pillock whose ego is sadly not matched by your intelligence. I really feel sorry for you, kid.
They dont deserve the apology of the Filipino nation. We are a civilized nation, they should've accepted what was initially sent to them by the Manila envoy. We have a so called THe Filipino Pride dont step down, every dollars that our fellow contrymen earning abroad is all hard earned. We dont owe anyone, especially HK and CHina...Bunch of Crminals Drug Lords who brough Illegal drugs in the Philippines...
You didn't get the sarcasm.
The Hongkong politicians seemed to be ungrateful to the Filipinos. For them it is easy to diminished the Filipinos and yet we served them in almost of their households. The bus tragedy was a tragedy. The Philippine government did not desired what happened. At this time of national tragedy of the Philippines, both 7.2 earthquake and the Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) where thousands perished and almost a million families displaced, we could have received sympathy from the Hongkong government. Majority of the government of the world offered help and support. BUT IT IS UNTHINKABLE TO COME FROM A HIGHLY DEVELOPED COUNTRY like Hongkong to be so cruel to the Philippines at this time.- Pastor Art Tangal, The Harvest Community Church
You HK and CHina is just a bunch of Criminal Drug Lords who bring the Methamphetamine Hydrochloride and Cocaine in the Philippines thats hwy you are rich country. Cowards! YOu cant even beat us in basketball..losers!




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