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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 November, 2013, 4:17am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 November, 2013, 5:01pm

Exco soap opera beats TV

Exco is turning into a soap opera. It's the "anti" version of The West Wing, the American television series about how brilliant White House staff helped run the presidency from crisis to crisis.

The latest episode has Exco convenor Lam Woon-kwong calling for revamping the decision-making process following the row over the granting of two, instead of three, TV licences. He was promptly denounced by Executive Council colleagues like Regina Ip Lau Suk-yee. Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying played down his remarks.

Funny that. This sort of airing of Exco's dirty laundry is nothing new, and Ip and Leung know all about it. Early this summer, Ip said on radio that a few of Leung's handpicked ministers were not up to scratch and should be replaced.

"Some of them could be more professional," she said. "You can see some of them cannot [comprehend government] papers. They just say whatever they are familiar with in the Legco, and they don't understand the government's affairs."

Ip had to apologise for her remarks.

Back in 2009 when Leung was still coy about running for chief executive, he denounced his two predecessors, according to Leo Goodstadt in his new book, Poverty in the Mist of Affluence: How Hong Kong Mismanaged Its Prosperity.

Leung, who was then Exco convenor, told a Hong Kong Democratic Foundation audience that the last decade of colonial rule achieved more for Hong Kong than the two post-handover chief executives. Leung is now getting a taste of his own medicine. Judging by its recent convenors, Exco doesn't need any pan-democrat enemies.

The licensing row has many non-government members of Exco running for cover and distancing themselves from the decision; so much for its once sacred confidentiality and collective responsibility rules. No local TV station could possibly produce any drama, high or low, as gripping and filled with backbiting, recriminations and disarray as our own government and its once all-powerful Exco.

Reality has proven to be far more entertaining. Really, who needs two or three new TV stations when you have an endless supply of absurdist dramas from our own government already?


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whymak is right that I should leave you laugh sickly in miseries
no use trying to help “incorrigible morons who persist in lies as facts
and possess no command of logic and science”
Check in where there're nutmates to play your games
of hairsplitting proverb and cliché
of faultfinding (or attempts to gild the lily of) my work
with linguistic irrelevances such as punctuations, english, …
which have never obstructed other readers
from understanding and commenting on substance
of unsubstantiated allegations of ad hom, illogic, …
that actually reflect your own problems
The way you engage in obsessive internet stalking
is clear symptom of a mental case
My patience and ability aren’t limitless
I can’t help you and like whymak
I may but refer you to mental specialist
Your "work"? The sum of that appears to be poor logic, fallacies, and apologies for the CCP...all of which do tend to go hand-in-hand.
I see you've learned about commas. It seems the education of Pierce will forever be a slow process, limited by the quality of the substrate. But improvements should still be celebrated nonetheless, so well done!
BTW, if you don't wanna respond, then just don't. No skin off my back. Instead, it's incessant whining about 'not wanting to respond', yet here you still are. Thou doth protest too much, baby. Mean what you say, and say what you mean, m'boy. Not that complicated...except for the truly and deeply challenged.
Now, your last few posts actually haven't been that funny. Probably cuz you're worrying about me, and not actually offering up any "ideas". Please know that your writing style is merely amusing, but it's your "thinking" that provides the laughs I most enjoy. Now get to work!
You're such an insufferable bore
rife with irrelevance, misplaced emphases and misjudgments
I should note to give you a wide berth
Feel free to comment on my opinions,
though you find my expression "incomprehensible"
But you have nothing useful to say
on what you don't understand
Why don't you just laugh aloud alone
i, on the other hand, find you quite interesting. You, and the whole lot of CCP apologists. I've yet to comprehend how the entire bunch of you can be so devoid of logic, to the extent that whatever "logic" you do employ ends up being merely logical fallacies. I certainly don't know nor associate with such specimens IRL, so it's fascinating to watch on the internet.
Your omission of punctuation is incomprehensible....do learn to read more carefully. Your "expression" is usually passable, except for your previous post which was quite a mangling of the English language. That's usually your one and only strength, as far as I can tell.
It's seems you might finally being catching on to what "a good laugh" means. That's progress. You should be proud. But your current post is actually less funny than your usual work, no doubt because you've managed to say less in total than your usual offerings. Do remember that laughter is good for the soul, and I'm counting on you to fulfill your quota for me. Now get to work and come up with your next silly entry.
Perhaps you should call a time out. Why joust with incorrigible morons who persist in lies as facts and possess no command of logic and science?
I advocate no political ideology. Even then, challenging the destructive passions of ideologues could quickly provoke Capulet-Montagu hatred when it is never intended. Besides, disputation with inmates from Marquis de Sade Sanitarium is bringing you down to 牛驥同一皁, a situation no Chinese gentleman wants.
321manu(re) has other nom de guerre. I recognize the rat by its droppings. A while ago, he criticized our police in the treatment of the foul-mouth teacher. Worse, he said HK policemen in the 60s were friendly and not corrupted like today. Then he contradicted himself by saying how great the British in establishing ICAC.
Obviously, he thinks British male rear ends smell sweeter than yellow women’s t*ts.
That why he flew off the handle at my brief summation of HK in the tumultuous 60s. I discussed HK history with no value judgment, he angrily retorted with why don’t you live in China. 牛頭唔對馬嘴, that’s why I suggest he should visit a shrink.
He went ballistic when I mentioned no student was shot at Tiananmen Square. His position: If gwe*los said so, it must be true. In his rebuttal, he argued killings occurred south of the Square, with Chang An Dajie next to it. Sorry about that, 長安大街 is to the north.
All the aforementioned appeared under another nom de plume.
Enough is enough with nut cases.
I see you've "progressed" from delusions of adequacy to straight-up paranoid delusions of me as multiple individuals. Y'know, they have treatment for such afflictions these days.
Anyway, I recognize the comfort you CCP apologists must derive from flocking together, since repeated interactions with others of sound mind and logic must become terribly damaging to your fragile psyches after a while. Water finds its level, just as everyone must; you two "great minds" have certainly found yours, and are deserving of and belong with one another. Rest assured that, when next you two say something incredibly stupid (cuz let's be honest, it's not a question of "if"), I'll be there to point it out to you, as well as to enjoy another good laugh (Pierce, have you figured out what that is yet?) at your expense.
I see that you've at least meekly tried to acknowledge one of those pending questions, albeit without coming close to actually answering it. That's ok. I'm used to it, since that's also the SOP for CCP apologists. I've come across you knuckle-draggers many times before.
Anyway, please keep writing. Humour is great for the soul, and you two are an indispensable source of it.
Unbeknown to those with uncontrollable laughing sickness
they find good laughing chances
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that’s why they laugh every so often
A common cause for the sickness
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Borelli’d better learn to reconcile his incompetence with reality
Face reality or the intractable laughing sickness will only get worse
Pierce m'boy, your last post is no laughing matter. Your English appears to have gone into the crapper. Even though your content has always been mindless, and your omission of punctuation incomprehensible, your one and last saving grace was that your grammar wasn't supernaturally terrible. But even that has reared its ugly head now. That's no longer funny...just sad.
In case your English remains pathetic moving forward, rest assured that I won't be laughing at that. Your "ideas", on the other hand, will be forever hilarious until you show the capacity to be otherwise.
BTW, you still don't seem to know what "a good laugh" is. Time to look it up, buddy. Therein endeth your lesson for the day.
whymak, I think you're right
uncontrollable laughter can be a symptom
of mental and not just psychological problems
Dude, a "good laugh" is hardly the same as "uncontrollable laughter". Gosh, why do CCP apologists have to be so disingenuous all of the time? It's as though they're incapable of making an intelligent and coherent argument...
But you and whymak do make a good couple. Stupid birds of a feather who flock together.




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