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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 03 December, 2013, 5:27am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 03 December, 2013, 6:30am

Li's sycophants have been out in force

Li Ka-shing is a saint. Yes, he is not just our richest man; he is a paragon of virtues. Well, he is far too modest to say that, but you can tell that from his one-on-one interview with Guangzhou-based Nanfang Media Group published last week. His sycophants have not been shy.

Take that full-page ad taken out in Sing Tao Daily yesterday by Joseph Yeung of the Hong Kong Industry Commerce and Professionals Association. I blushed reading it. "Li Ka-shing exercises his influence for the love of his country and Hong Kong." "Li develops his selfhood, but pursues a [higher] plane of selflessness." "Li's Confucian, Buddhist and Taoist wisdom and his China dream." I am not making these up.

The tycoon always says you can only be successful if you are fair and honest in all your business dealings. No doubt all the buyers of Cheung Kong's flats with their high-quality building materials and fair disclosure of gross floor areas over many years would agree. I bet small suppliers for his ParknShop supermarket chain would fall over themselves to acknowledge the fairness and generosity with which they have been treated; or the myriad contractors and advertisers who have always been paid promptly and fairly by Li's companies.

Li always puts himself on the moral high ground because he is a sage in the mould of Confucius. He says he even tried to help "Big Spender" Cheung Tze-keung, the crime boss who kidnapped his beloved eldest son Victor. "I could only teach you to be a good man," he says he told Cheung, for whom he no doubt felt sorry, being tried and executed on the mainland when he should have been returned and tried in Hong Kong. Now that was some "rule of law"!

Li also warned against "the rule of man" and its threat to our "core values". In case you missed the reference, his anonymous pals helpfully told the media that Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying had been foolishly pursuing populist policies. Presumably they meant the government's enhanced welfare for the poor and elderly, and cooling measures for the property market.

Nasty person, this Leung guy! If only Li's man Henry Tang had not been cheated of the crown last year, all would have been well and Hong Kong would still be a land of milk and honey - for our tycoons.


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John Adams
It's ironic that LKS's champion, Henry Tang, lost the CE election mainly because he was caught out cheating on the actual size and structure of his property (and rather amusingly, because Tang under-declared the size of his home, not over declared it !)
If Tang regarded LKS as his mentor in life and business it seems he learned too well the tricks of the property trade.
PS: I don't ever recall any of LKS's property companies being at the forefront to push for transparency in actual usable / livable net area in properties. Nor indeed for transparency in anything which might affect genuinely affect a buyer's decision. I guess that's Confucianism in hard practice as opposed to gentle theory.
One life philosophy - two systems.
If an association for special super privileges of cartels, duopolies and monopolies of HK is established, the first president or CEO would be Mr Superman; surely those special super sons of HK would unanimously elect Mr Superman. There are much miseries and hardship created as a result of the cartels and monopolies. Mr Li and other special privileged elites in our mist really have to start looking at the miseries and hardship of the victims of HK, the consequence of the privileges enjoyed by the few elites. Mr CY Leung and his team at least have made some effort to erase some privileges, please continue to fight the cartels, monopolies etc. Christmas season is here soon, and the spirits of lights, beauty of God, joy and benevolence ought to be felt by everybody in HK. May I suggest Mr Superman and those elites spend a little time reading over the festive season of joy, and I humbly like to suggest the books "A Christmas Carol" or "Oliver Twist" by Charles Dickens.
Shippers Council complained annual escalating terminal charges for 20 years. The terminal blamed high labour cost. Then we found out the dockyard workers were still earning 1997 wages.
ParknShop pays quite on time. That was a 90-day credit. In essence the small guys are funding its operation. Buying fruit there requires detective work. I stopped shopping there 2 years ago.
He squeezes the blood out of HKers and HK named him Superman.
The purported interview of LKS by a newspaper from mainland, the interviewer wrote in the report of that interview that LKS began to talk without the interviewer fired one single question. So much for this supposed interview. But more it is a PR with self promotion which LKS must have well prepared. Unfortunately, the interviewer unintended complementary introduction had spilled the beans.
Turning from silence at his last shareholders meeting to more than three-page long ‘interview’, the solo statements are as long as the hidden depth of his displeasure and uncertainty of his place in Hong Kong; more precisely in the hand of the CY Leung as the CE of Hong Kong. The selling of his hotel earlier was his first rebuttal but failed miserably against CY Leung’s control over property. The ‘interview’ is his second rebuttal against all rebuttals which have been directed at him of late.

LKS besides of his own extraordinary ability who adapts and manipulates well in taking the best advantage of all things around him, he must first thank his parents for his earlier nurture and education from them. He must also thank the colonial government for singling him out and gave preferential treatments above anybody else in Hong Kong.
Perhaps he could return and share his opportunities by not monopolizing so many different businesses locally. Sell some of his local companies to the locals and help them to succeed. I think by doing so, it is the best PR against all things that anger him. And LKS will be the hero of Hong Kong which will outlast even himself.
do you need a job cleaning my toilet? you have a lot of time to write nonsense
Dai Muff
If you really want to cool the property market, don't treat the words "rent control" as dirty words. We had it before and it worked well. The market remains obscene, and that is damaging small businesses as much as people's lives.
it will be quite the celebration the day this f-cker dies
Being as successful as LKS has been in business, I would not doubt that he has cut a few corners in his lifetime. I would also not doubt that his ethics in practice are not as pure as the driven snow. That being said, this article by Mr. Lo is a sorry display.
LKS's point was that the rule of law is preferable for HK, and certainly moreso than the rule of man. Where does Mr. Lo stand on this issue, and on LKS's point? Well, one certainly couldn't surmise it on the basis of this article, since it is one big ad hominem. Mr. Lo spends his entire time attacking LKS, and spends no time whatsoever in assessing or responding to LKS's position statement which supposedly engendered this article to begin with. It's a classic example of attacking the messenger, with not even a feeble attempt at addressing the message. This would be bush league for a grade school debating class, but is downright shameful coming from a supposedly professional journo.
the key word is sycophants. Sycophants, not Li.




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