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Shame on police and prosecutors for not pressing charges over attack

PUBLISHED : Friday, 20 December, 2013, 4:04am
UPDATED : Friday, 20 December, 2013, 4:04am

My Post photography colleague May Tse must be one of those unfortunate souls who like to physically hurt themselves. How else do you explain the swelling on the back of her head, and terribly bruised arm and knee after a court assignment? She must have inflicted them on herself.

Police and prosecutors with the Department of Justice concluded, seemingly beyond reason, that there was not enough evidence to go after Chioo Wing-ming with any "reasonable prospect of conviction".

This was after Chioo was photographed and filmed allegedly - yes, I have to write allegedly - pushing Tse over and kicking her while she lay on the ground outside Kowloon City Court on October 24.

Chioo, you may remember, was that moron who knelt before his dominatrix girlfriend Cheng Yan-na while she slapped him repeatedly outside an MTR station in Sheung Shui. The YouTube clip went viral and Cheng was charged. She was ordered to be put on a good-behaviour bond by the court.

It seems Chioo must have a lot of suppressed and misplaced anger, letting Cheng beat him publicly but going after photographers who were just trying to take a picture.

So get this. The police and the justice department's lawyers were willing to charge Cheng after watching that YouTube clip. But Tse had the physical evidence of her injuries and a number of eyewitnesses to prove she was assaulted, not to mention the alleged assault was also filmed and photographed by Tse's professional peers. But still they concluded there wasn't enough evidence! Is this a bad joke?

Hey Chioo, I have a piece of advice for you. Get your girl to beat you in your own home so we don't have to deal with your pathetic passive-aggressive issues. As for the police and prosecutors, these are the people who would arrest and rearrest protesters for taking part in rallies two years before or for throwing fluffy toys that hit no-one. It appears if the alleged victims were top officials like the chief executive, they would be more than eager to teach the alleged assailants a lesson, arresting and charging them many months or even years after the incident.

But if it's just us hacks, hell, it's open season!