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PUBLISHED : Friday, 24 January, 2014, 3:15am
UPDATED : Friday, 24 January, 2014, 3:15am

Give us facts, not rumours, please

If the story were true, it would be the biggest political story not only since Leung Chun-ying became chief executive, but the worst government scandal since the handover. It's the kind of story that could bring down a government.

So why are our city's ace reporters not chasing it, rather than pursuing a related but inconsequential story about Leung refusing to attend Standard Chartered's popular annual marathon? Frankly, who gives a damn whether he goes or not? But every pan-democratic media outlet has the same conspiracy theory about it this week. Repeat it often enough, it becomes a fact.

It is that the British bank didn't play ball, at least initially, when it was pressured to pull ads from Jimmy Lai Chee-ying's Apple Daily. At least that was what the House News and Apple claimed; other banks they named included HSBC and the Bank of East Asia. Several pan-democrats then duly repeated the same allegation in the Legislative Council and demanded to know if that was why Leung has refused to attend the marathon. The Wall Street Journal Asia even wrote an editorial leader about direct pressure on the banks, except it named only HSBC and BEA, citing Lai's right-hand man Mark Simon as its highly reliable source.

Let's see if I've got the story right. Either Leung's office or the liaison office put direct pressure on three of the biggest banks in Hong Kong, two of which are also among the biggest international banks in the world, not to advertise with an anti-government newspaper. Think about what that means if these publications have proof or evidence to substantiate their story. It would surely be the scandal of the decade: two governments directly pressured and interfered with the commercial operations of the city's biggest banks to punish an enemy.

If Apple and House News want to go for the jugular, get to the bottom of it and give us the real story. It would make the Tung Chee-hwa government's interference with pollster Robert Chung Ting-yiu's political surveys child's play. So why aren't those newshounds splashing exclusives and cornering Leung with it, rather than chasing him about the marathon?

Can it be that they haven't got a factual story beyond making unsubstantiated claims?


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“Jan 28 9:52am is almost exactly 11 hours after Jan 27 10:46PM”
I don’t care to count my fingers but it seems alright
is that an entry in watchman’s lot book
for my vehicle’s in/out record?
What does it matters?
irrelevant and useless stuffs like these
should be among what we throw away
before arrival of the new spring
everybody should have a happy holiday
You need to count fingers to do arithmetic? You have 11 fingers? Does that include thumbs? And it only "seems" right? Subtraction with a difference of 11 is not something you can confirm with confidence? Wow, you really are quite something. Not worth a whole heck of a lot, but quite something nonetheless.
I noted that you commented once, then came back again 11 hours later without a response from me in the interim. Seems like I was really on your mind, not that I care to be given the contents therein. I'd be at risk for ****-by-association, if you will. When I called you on it, you tried to suggest it "was in much less than an hour
and mistaking that it was eleven". So it was 11 after all, hey? And instead of acknowledging the mistake, like anyone with decency, integrity, logic, intelligence, a good upbringing, and some manner of interpersonal skills might, you're making light of the powers of observation. Well how typical of a CCP apologist. What does it matter? It doesn't, except to again demonstrate that you lack all of the aforementioned qualities, and undoubtedly many more. It can certainly be argued that that too is redundant, since we knew that about you long ago. But hey, it amuses me, and that's what I'm here for.
Anyway, nice that you've taken leave of the potty humour, and the misogynistic stuff. Suggesting that I'm female is supposed to be strong smack talk for you? I gotta say, that type of deficiency is no longer in the realm of funny.
smartie isn’t aware that sHe can be dismissed easily
overlooking the first smack dealt himer before lily gilding
was in much less than an hour
and mistaking that it was eleven
when I helped myself with a second serving
but what can we expect from smartie
who still can't apprehend his miscalculation
coming out commingled with waste
it’s verbose and meaningless and stinky
worst than rubbish
so as I move on
I’d do what I said I’d
and flush without hesitation
Umm, Jan 28 9:52am is almost exactly 11 hours after Jan 27 10:46PM. Has your brain fallen into such a state of disrepair that you are unable to tell time and do simple arithmetic? Or is this more of the CCP obfuscation and lack of character whereby even facts represented by timestamps can be disregarded? I've long known that CCP apologists know no shame, and have no qualms about saying the most stupid things in order to try to salvage their typically pathetic and misguided arguments. But Pierce m'boy has reached deep into the barrel to plumb a new low, and he has not surprisingly succeeded.
And wow, more potty humour. I mean, you should say so now if you're ACTUALLY a three year old, cuz it would readily explain the terrible logic, idiotic writing style, and the fascination with human waste. And you know what, Pierce m'boy, I suspect you'd actually be a three year old of average capacity.
junk food is about the only exception
in my otherwise wholesome diet
let me recount my sweetie delights
before I pop another smartie
when asked what’s the ? in hiser number 66?
6 answered smartie who then pontificated
that 666 is his true number
when a wise reader pointed out
that what’s seen coming out from the fictional gun
could be dry ice vapor and not smoke
smartie bellowed dry ice vapor isn’t smoke
from smartie’s junk food perspective
spinal responses become cerebral activities
that’s why he learnt what suits himer
in jc’s seed money parable
smartie’s model is the one
who buried the seed money under ground for preservation
smartie’s good teachers and students are those
who instruct and follow what’s instructed dogmatically
smartie in a uni-dimensional world appeals
to my interest to attempt mischief
but bad for teeth if I don’t swallow early
and let it commingle with the waste of real goodies
when it emerges
from the other end of the alimentary tract
what else to do
but to flush it
So, Pierce m'boy, you went away for 11 hours after that last sorry, pathetic, and rather disgusting attempt at smack-talk, and came back for more. I'd be flattered that someone spent so much time thinking about me, except that someone is you, and now I'll need to take a long shower.
Dude, you referred to whymak, whose stupidity is only matched by you. I guess it's one idiot admiring another...quite fitting. The phrase whymak responded to was not about a "smoking gun". The writer said 'when there's smoke, there's often fire'. Whymak incomprehensibly tried to suggest the smoke might be coming from dry ice instead of fire, which is one of the dumber things I'd heard in a while coming from a source other than Pierce m'boy. And even in such a simple exchange, you managed to misunderstand and mischaracterize it. I mean, you don't acquire your level of stupidity by chance; it is something that must be trained and honed for years, I suspect, aided by moronic teachers and founded upon a sub-standard gene pool. Your existence sure brings a large number of people into disrepute.
And of course, like all weak-minded CCP apologists, they all reach their figurative climax with potty humour. I mean, most people outgrew such fascination around the age of 3, but not Pierce m'boy. If I have time, I'll be sure to find Pierce m'boy a site that's frequented by intellectually stunted adults, such that he may feel more at home among peers. It's actually too pathetic to laugh at now.
this smartie bit is a stale crust of mould
a hollow display of colonial malice
that is now universally condemned as racist
but smartie still enjoys reenacting
the despicable scene of 19th century Indian plantations
where white children called colored men
old enough to be their grandpas
who but pedophiles may be so obsessed with boy
4 “boy”s in such a brief ventilation
shows smartie flustered by mental deficit causing irreversible defeats
a stuffed and vituperative soliloquist without honor
uttering nonsense in reply to hiser own ignorance
sHe has given up the pretense of style
and forgotten “ladies, gentlmen and lord”
the rest of the quartility to whom smarties used to pray for assistance
while smarties laughs heartily and loud in drinking games
revelers would be having double fun because of smarties’ ignorance
that most laughter are in fact directed at hiser performance
Ahh, Pierce m'boy, your ignorance is, as always, amusing. "m'boy" is a phrase used by South Africans as a term of endearment. Obviously, my use of it here is purely ironic, since all you deserve is derision. But that's a funny piece of bastardized history you offered up there. You really should do stand-up comedy...you might be not-terrible at it.
The second "stanza" is just stupid. But it never ceases to amaze me how CCP apologists will willingly say incredibly stupid things. I guess Darwinism takes time, and Pierce m'boy's time simply hasn't come yet. The better to give me the opportunity to enjoy a few extra laughs. Anyway, it's cute that you have to resort to derivatives of my insults to try to insult me. I guess you're just not very original. But that's ok...cuz when you venture into any semblance of original thought in your smack-talk, you reach for ideas like racism and pedophilia...it'd be funny that your mind goes to those places if it wasn't so disgusting. So please, borrow smack-talk from me rather than plumbing the depths of human pathology, cuz when you try independent thought you reveal yourself to not only be incredibly stupid, but morally reprehensible as well. And yes, let's drink to that, LOL. Bottoms up, Pierce m'boy.
You’d ask for clarification if you can’t understand
you replied to what you understood
and not to your own ignorance
so english is unimportant and irrelevant
it’s the words that I purposefully ejected
for transmission of meanings I intended
for planting into your coconut
that matter
I think even smartie could understand this
and find no cause to complain about my impregnation
of Chinese seeds into the virtue of english
I’ve always wished to stop out of kindness
trying not to have fun that may cause
smartie’s unnecessarily self-incurred grievances
but keep writing because of real and objective fun
I am clearly positive all :-)
but despite smartie’s claim of having fun
sHe is obviously negative all :-(
why else is sHe obsessive with impulsive moanings of m’boy
like a widow who got hit in the head or has lost a boy
why else is sHe overwhelmed by vituperations
implicating someone’s teacher with disrespect
imagining “lunatics” here and there
who is the moron?
Ahh Pierce m'boy, I'd ask for "clarification" if I thought the original content was worthy, and if I thought any further clarification would be useful. Clearly, in your case, that's a 'no' on both counts. So why, pray tell, would I bother? Pierce m'boy, you're a silly silly boy.
If your teachers taught you, and this is how you turned out, do you feel they are worthy of respect? LOL. On the other hand, I am more than willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, since a teacher can only do the best they can with the substrate they're given, and with you, there clearly wasn't much there to work with. Notice my original theory had 2 possibilities. I am happy to stipulate that you are the moron, and leave your teachers unscathed. Hope that makes you feel better, Pierce m'boy.
Anyway, your woeful attempts at talking smack are amusing. Lame, but amusing...and as I said before, you continue to ably perform your duty to give me a good laugh, so well done m'boy.
And still no comment on the OP. I think I'll make you my new drinking game...so now you have two purposes in life. Bravo.




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