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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 28 January, 2014, 4:12am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 28 January, 2014, 4:23am

Jailing of Xu Zhiyong a disgrace

You can understand why Chinese authorities consider Liu Xiaobo such a political threat. His call for democratisation and peaceful political transition may sound moderate to people living outside China. But the demands to allow multiparty politics and a separation of powers in the "Charter 08" political manifesto he co-authored amounts to a direct challenge to China's one-party rule and its monopoly on all the key branches of government. You can call it what you like, but switching to having multiple parties competing for political power would effectively amount to a regime change from the current political system monopolised by the Communist Party.

The case against dissident Xu Zhiyong is more difficult to justify. The law lecturer is far less subversive; he is not challenging the central government's power or its legitimacy. He has merely called for what President Xi Jinping and former premier Wen Jiabao have themselves demanded. In one of his last major speeches before he left office, at a State Council executive meeting, Wen urged reform and repeated the call to uphold the rule of law.

Xi has made it one of his policy priorities to crack down on corruption and impose austerity on party cadres. Yet Xu has been jailed for four years, ostensibly for "assembling a crowd to disrupt public order". But no serious independent observer doubts he is being punished along with several others for being part of the New Citizen movement, which has campaigned to compel officials to disclose their assets.

Doesn't the movement's aim coincide with Xi's anti-corruption drive, which has extended far and wide, having had almost 37,000 officials investigated last year? Powerful officials have been targeted, including Zhou Yongkang , the former security tsar, and Li Dongsheng , a former deputy national police chief.

Both Xi and Xu are demanding cleaner government. But some official investigations into corruption also sound like purges as part of Xi's drive to consolidate power. For example, Zhou and Li were reportedly close associates.

Xu wants fair disclosure laws that would apply to all relevant officials, including some very rich state leaders. Xi's anti-corruption is far more selective.


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Well let's face it, jailing Liu Xiaobo is itself a crock-pot full of baloney. His "crime" was to suggest consideration for an alternative to the CCP's one party rule. In fact, the only crime in that case was that the CCP lacked the confidence in its own system's ability to withstand scrutiny, and competition. But while the Liu case is old news (unless you are Liu, I suppose), it's more than coincidence that it shares some themes with the CCP's current crime against Xu.
In Xu's case, like with his predecessor, protest was non-violent. The guy wants more transparency, and less official corruption. Ostensibly, it's what Xi Jinping wants. But the fact that Xu ended up in jail tells us that corruption is not what Xi is fighting after all. Instead, Xi is using corruption simply as an excuse to purge his political foes...and you can start the tally back with Bo Xilai. Xi is just a latter day version of Mao, using populist memes as cover in order to consolidate political power.
So the only crimes here, with Liu and Xu, are that China is run by people who selfishly seek to enrich and empower themselves, within a system that seeks to stamp out alternatives out of fear. What a fantastic model. The most amazing thing of all is that some HKers actually want to get themselves some of that great action.
As a good samaritan, I have no objection to baby-sitting an esteemed 3 year old like yourself when it is required. Besides, children are our future, as they say. So maybe it's not too late to salvage what's left of your misguided grey matter in the service of something not completely useless. For the reach should exceed the grasp, or what's a heaven for.
Not sure about your fixation with "winning". A common affliction among CCP apologists. Who takes measure of "winning" against anonymous entities on the internet? And yet you guys are often preoccupied with such nonsense. That might explain why more important things like logic are instead ignored.
Anyway, if you're here, you're here, and I'll be thankful for the amusement. If you're not, I have ample alternatives at my disposal. Stop talking about what you might do, and simply do it. The flighty prose/poetry you've offered up here is just a superfluous exercise in verbal diarrhea.
I'd "review" what you've written if it had anything worth reviewing. But it doesn't. Never has, likely never will. Don't forget that your purpose here is for the amusement of others. To even suggest that it might be something more would be a pure flight of fancy on your part. If you want any semblance of hope to escape the hole in which i have you pegged, start by at least responding to the OP, and do much less of the stupid idiotic babbling for which you are known. I'm sure you'll be back soon. CCP apologists just can't help it.
Exit? Nah. Free entertainment from the likes of Pierce m'boy is not worth giving up just yet. And he does amuse me so, what with his unique brand of poor logic, weird diction, speaking in tones, logical fallacies, and juvenile humour. It's not a combo one is likely to come across IRL, at least in my circles.
Are you giving a seminar? In the art of incredible CCP apologist stupidity in the post modern era? I wonder, is it any more engaging in person than online? Cuz if you're even funnier in the flesh, that might be a show I'd check out.
Hey, so no response on how the mention of Snowden is relevant to Xu's case, other than as your usual tu quoque logical fallacy? Come now, you're plenty loquacious on the useless stuff; why so quiet on something requiring actual adult human cortical activity? Or is that unbecoming of a CCP apologist?
"to suggest an appropriate replacement
for describing a superficial narrow-minded and biased person"
---c'mon, look in the mirror. Pierce m'boy it is!
"for defining that everyone who disagrees with me can’t be a bigot"
---here's another basic lesson in logic for someone who has none. You can't prove a negative. Disagreeing with you and bigot are not causally related things. So someone who disagrees with you could go either way on the bigot scale. And the burden is on you to establish your claim. What you lack in logic would be child's play for a ten year old. How can anyone be as stupid as you?
Anyway, when you grow a brain, remember to comment on the OP, cuz you've yet to do so. And explain what Snowden has to do with Xu. Good luck, cuz you'll need it.
I've always found that the true idiots tend to be self-proclaimed geniuses. You are no exception to the age-old rule. Not surprisingly, most CCP apologists fall into your same category. Rather typical.
John Adams
Mr Lo, I fully agree with you.
The one single thing blocking China's long-term progress is the absence of the independent rule of law.
Once that matter is settled, corruption will subside to something like HK or S'Pore levels, because when China does something in earnest it does it for real .
The same will apply to pollution
soon after a miscalculated figure of speech
the bigot has misapplied tu quoque
apparently smartie’s logical expertise
is from self education using a book of logical terms
for high school students for bluffing purpose
but even that seems out of smartie’s depth
snowden awaits trial in a “legitimate court”
xi was sentenced by a “kangaroo court”
there is a Cantonese saying about smartie
who can be read by the movement of hiser tail
beware of smartie aka mogician for mal logician
who claims to use “endearing” address for stupid brainless … lunatic
and sHe is addicted to the derogative colonial term m’boy
if the sea fish I just got from Mongkok this afternoon weren’t smarter than smartie
at least they look more interesting
so I’d swallow this one again
smartie's sweetie function consummated
when it emerges again
commingled with hiser kind
I’d flush it
Once again, a whole bushel full of useless verbiage. Are you suggesting that the CCP farce of a trial for Xu was something other than a kangaroo court? Cuz that would be quite funny. Well done, Pierce m'boy.
Do you have an issue with Snowden's indictment? If so, what is it? I love to hear it, cuz the next time you make a logical and coherent point will be the first time. And why bring up Snowden at all? How is it relevant to Xu's case? Listen, if you're gonna use idiotic logical fallacies, at least have the strength of conviction to own it. You are such a typical CCP apologist - get called on a logical fallacy, and spend days obfuscating about it. It is a disgrace that bespeaks substandard genetic lineage.
Anyway, Pierce m'boy, your bowel habits are amusing in a rather base and juvenile sense, but what is clear is that you lack the intestinal fortitude and the intellectual capacity for any form of meaningful discussion. Of course, this is not a new observation on my part. But I am concerned in that your comment here isn't even that funny, and if you fail to amuse me, you will have lost your one and only purpose in life. That would truly be a shame. Maybe in your next incarnation you'll at least have some wittier capacity for smack talk, cuz right now you sound like a grade-school flunky.
You shall hereafter be fined $1 for every use of the word "bigot" in reference to someone who has a viewpoint different to yours.
"jailing of Xu Zhiyong a disgrace"
"prosecution of Edward Snowden a disgrace"
why are x and s charged for pursuing
their countries’ declared national values?
intellectual integrity demands respect for these meaningful questions
that they aren’t to be dismissed by spinal reflects
but should be followed by fact finding and soul searching
08 the year of the copycat charter is a critical year
to appreciate its significance
start with W Engdahl’s target china
then think and research and think and research some more
avoid knee jerks such as that demonstrated below
by smartie 666 the habitual reflector
who mistakes bowel movement as his logical thinking:
“… tells us that corruption is not what Xi is fighting after all”
“…using corruption simply as an excuse to purge his political foes”
“… a latter day version of Mao”
“China is run by people who selfishly seek to enrich and empower themselves”
"The most amazing thing of all is ..."
smartie can’t be so smart that he won’t look back
and laugh at his own jokes
People who understand logic realize that tu quoque is a logical fallacy. Of course, Pierce m'boy the dumbo doesn't, so naturally, he doesn't.
Indeed, Snowden's treatment is a disgrace as well. But that doesn't alter the Xu case one iota. We could p**** further the difference between Snowden awaiting his day in court in a legitimate prosecution, versus Xu who got jailed after a kangaroo court. But I'm sure that sort of subtlety eludes our resident dumbo.
Man, what is it with CCP apologists and their fascination with bodily functions? It's a fixation that bespeaks much deeper psychological depravities. Sadly, Xi and the CCP are no laughing matter for Chinese people. It really takes a certain deplorable type of person to justify jailing a guy who was peacefully protesting for increased government transparency and less corruption. But hey, when you're a CCP apologist like Pierce m'boy, that's your lot in life.
Naturally, Pierce m'boy is the opposite of smart. But if he had a brain, maybe he might try to tell us how Xi throwing a guy campaigning against corruption is a sign of Xi fighting corruption. Or how Xi's eagerness to fight corruption explains why the CCP is suppressing a report of CCP cadre with off-shore accounts. That's what an intelligent person would do. Pierce m'boy obviously isn't one of them, so instead, we get the above...which I would charitably describe as an "opinion" insofar as he had some random thoughts and put them on paper.




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