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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 March, 2014, 4:12am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 March, 2014, 4:12am

Should Hong Kong women take to the boardroom or look after the children?

Looking at the CV of Helena Morrissey yesterday, I already felt exhausted and inferior. A top fund manager and founder of Britain's 30% Club, which pushes for more women in corporate boardrooms, she is also a mother of nine children. Nine! She is definitely a woman who has it all.

As Saturday is International Women's Day, there is a rush of activities this week promoting women's issues. Morrissey was in town to help some of these organisations, such as the Women's Foundation.

She believes other women can have it all too, at least "some of the time", as she puts it. Well, she would, given her achievements, but I am not convinced.

My wife and I have two children. Though an excellent reporter with far better memory and journalistic instincts than me, she quit her job to take care of the kids, which in itself is a full-time and far tougher job. In a truly gender-neutral and meritocratic society, it should have been the other way round with us. Thank God for traditional sexism!

I would not be able to do this job at the newspaper while having to take care of the kids on my own. Luckily, we men never have to worry about having it all. And although to be a stay-at-home dad may be a theoretical option, it's never a real demand, not for the guys in my circles.

Practically all my old friends are in far more important jobs earning much more than me. And practically all of them say they wish they had more time to spend with their kids. Alas, they rarely do. Given the chance, I am sure they would do the same thing all over again - not spending enough time with their children and then complaining about it. And they rarely feel bad about it.

Many working women, though, whether it's the lowly office secretary or the CFO, do feel guilty for not spending more time with their kids as if they are being a bad mother/person; hence one of the reasons they worry about whether they can or cannot have it all.

Well, most normal people, men and women, can't have it all. We just don't have the energy or the drive. The only ethical answer where there is no real answer is that more mothers should be corporate chieftains while more fathers should stay at home. Or as Morrissey puts it, we need more women in the boardrooms.


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Hihihi... what a **** talk!... Miss Helena Morrissey is white human with blank (western) mentality! Mr. Alex Lo is a chinese human with a chinese mentality! Hihihi... answer is very clearly, not same mentality, not same thinking! Chinese Culture are men at work, woman at home, only if woman has a high status! Western culture are men and women are the same Level! As me as Mother, if u want a baby, go first save money with a plan, for lastpass 10 year, so u don't have to worry about financieel, to take care of u baby! I am not for Nanny the first 10y of u baby grow-up! They missing a lot of normal life. Because is very important for a growth of u baby (first 12y)! They will take it in personality, individual characteristics... Or they lost some individual. The Nanny will work as a robot without love, is fake, teach u kid in a wrong way (i saw)! They are not own Mom! Do u want U kid be same like as a robot! Cold! Fake! Liar! Are u as parent want this for u child! Not me, so, for God safe, bring you kid the first 12y in u own up! With Love, peace, harmony, positive value, worth... etc... teach them well, and let them growth up in a good human/person! With normen and waarden, social, principe. Freedom of speech... <3
What a completely biased and unfair article...........the writer's lack of a "real man's" knowledge, so not qualified to write on this topic.
Also, for the record - while of course Helena Morrissey deserves respect for her achievements, her husband Richard is a stay-at-home dad, taking care of the nine children and the household. Without this, I don't think Mrs Morrissey could do what she does, at least not without employing a domestic helper and/or a nanny.

And this is all great by me, but the big deal columns like Mr Lo's make out this story first and foremost shows the double standards he has. Mrs Morrissey is not just applauded for her professional achievements, she is lauded for those IN ADDITION TO having nine children. Why? We never hear successful men being praised for not only having built a xx billion business, while also having n kids at home. On the contrary, it is considered completely normal that nearly every successful CEO out there has a 'trophy' wife at home, who is raising the kids while daddy flies business class.
What a two-faced column. While Mr Lo on the one hand calls for more fathers to stay at home and let their wives pursue their career, he in the same piece thanks the heavens for 'traditional sexism' and confesses he would never be willing/able to do what he calls for. Armchair philosopher par excellence.

Change starts at home Mr Lo. Who knows, your wife might have reached a boardroom by now if you hadn't be so selfish/insecure/chauvinist to insist on a traditional role pattern.

Any man who is not willing to give up his job to take care of a child or children, but does expect his wife to do so, is a hypocrite and not fit for fatherhood. And no, I am not saying that every man should indeed do so, but nor should every woman. There should be, between partners an equal willingness to take care of the child(ren), including any career sacrifices that may involve. If not, don't have children.
And one hears of single working mothers who cope with both work and kids, but rarely of single fathers. The escaped dad probably is with another woman who treats him like gold and he is not having to share her with his kids.
I truly do not understand why these super intelligent and massively superior women keep begging to be promoted
if they are sooooo talented then START YOUR OWN COMPANY and staff it with 100% women, only buy from women, only sell to women
if having a women in the boardroom is such a huge advantage corporations would do it
look at all the companies that buy from china to save a penny, even firing their countrymen for the sake of the bottom line
these women only want to stand on the back of giants without doing the real work of building or creating ANYTHING
Wow, what have women done to you? You really sound like you have serious issues. Go to see a psychiatrist.
You asked the wrong question. Ask why aplucky1's last 2 sessions with the shrink are all about why he is beating his wife and calling her the Chinese b*tch..
Mr Lo, I have 100% confidence in your superiority over the fair sex, including your lovely wife, the model mother. There is no way she can beat you in after work hours carousing and gallivanting!


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