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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 April, 2014, 3:46am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 08 April, 2014, 3:46am

Hong Kong schools get it all wrong on sex and dating

When it comes to sex and dating for our children, it's difficult to be rational and level-headed. Two pieces of news came to my attention recently and frankly, I was shocked. They came from the opposite poles of the cultural-political spectrum.

One concerns a certain headmaster at a Tuen Mun secondary school where dating has been banned. The other has to do with sex education at my children's international school.

According to Chung Fat-shing, the principal of Po On Commercial Association Wong Siu Ching Secondary School, "you may regret all your life" if you fall in love at the wrong time.

Technically I agree, but the wrong time does not necessarily mean the teen years. You can indeed fall in love, or at least get into a wrong relationship, at any time. So what Master Chung wrote is a bit of a non sequitur.

To prove his case, he wrote in a school publication that an old classmate of his fell in love in Form Seven, didn't get into university and made his girlfriend pregnant. Were all these causally related? It's not clear if they married, but Chung said they ended up with a broken family. I presume Chung is married and went to university. Perhaps he could have cited his own success as an example of when one should start dating.

On the other extreme, I was recently informed by sex education materials offered at my kids' school that as parents, my wife and I should praise masturbation and encourage it. The way a booklet puts it, we should "celebrate" - their word, not mine - when boys have their first masturbation experiences. Perhaps my wife and I should have bought champagne for the occasion, on the odd chance that our kid might inform us of the celebratory event.

Frankly, the liberal in me was shocked by the first news. The conservative in me was disconcerted by the second. I think it's cute for teenagers to date, hold hands and even kiss a bit. Going all the way - to me at any rate - is not advisable. But children will do what they do unless you monitor them all the time.

As for sex education, parents should obviously tell boys they won't go blind. But "celebrating" the act seems a bit excessive. Parental guidance is advised. Just knock and wait before you enter their rooms.


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Celebrate?! The last thing a teenage boy would be to discuss his masturbation/sex life with his parents. Its normal, its natural, let it happen, don't make a fuss about it.
Sex is about a person’s most sensitive, personal and human domain
where children need respect and room for development
the least intrusion the better
“parents should praise masturbation and encourage it”?
Can we understand that as the international standard?
What if the children who learn from their parents
how to cycle and swim ask for demonstration.
which school is that?
An alum, a HK guy, got for his graduation present
money and tips from his father about where and how
to learn the tricks in a Japanese wholehouse
I can’t imagine “international” parents would give live demonstration
The moral of the principal of POCAWSCSS is fair
Then I’d also mention YKP, KSL, et al
people who took care of youthful matters early
then focused on businesses and showed the world the possibilities
I notice AL’s exercise
of questionable journalist prerogative
that while mentioning two schools
he named one but kept the other
“my kids’ school” anonymous
For meaningful and practical discussions
for beneficial development of local education
we should like for a case study to have AL’s reasons
of sending his children to “international school”
given their parents’ local education background
We did try a local school, an "elite" one no less. My kid stayed up till 11pm doing homework every night in Primary 1. That meant my wife had to stay up with him. When I got back home at night from work, they would still be at it. We just got tired of mobilising the entire family every time there was an exam. Given the man-hours we saved as a whole family, we rather have both kids at an international school. It's far more expensive but still, time is money.
Alex Lo
I really can’t understand parents in Hong Kong pressuring their children academically only to send them abroad later. The fact is that what is learned claiming to be fundamental can be fulfilled when one is more grown in college. Of course I don’t believe there are parents honing these kids to become a civil servant or LKS. Afterall, no use for what acquired.
Yes, put your kids through the grind in a local elite school if you think being a civil servant is the most worthy endeavor in one’s life. When there is no alternative among local schools, international schools is the right choice by any intelligent and affordable parents -- more doors are open. Look for a school not a life long security blanket.
So the primary difference between an "elite" local school and an "international" school is that the latter's got less workload and better English classes, aside from the price differential?
John Adams
Alex - All too true, TOO true !
I think that the more open parents are about the Joys of Sex to their kids ( and also yet the dangers and consequences of sex at a too- early age ) the better. Tell it all and explain condoms ! .
,First love is very rarely last and life-lasting love
Now wait for the repartee in the comments columns....
Aaaaaaaaagh !




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