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PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 15 April, 2014, 5:18am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 15 April, 2014, 5:59am

A contradictory mix of preconceptions over China's role in the world

Here are some recent criticisms frequently mentioned against China's external conduct in mainstream Western media. Though they are all negative about China, they also contradict each other.

China is narcissistic, isolationist and has limited ambitions and interests outside its own borders so long as the external environment is conducive to domestic political stability and economic growth.

China's rise has made it ambitious and aggressive towards its neighbours while denying their legitimate interests and security and economic concerns.

China is a bad global citizen that negates and violates international norms and treaties.

China follows international norms and treaties such as those in trade and commerce only if it can exploit them to further its own interests.

In short, China is either a selfish narcissistic power, a neo-imperialist expansionist one or both. Let's call these the half-empty-bottle positions.

Let me present the half-full-bottle position, admitting, from the outset, that we are all prone to "confirmation bias".

"Peaceful" is a relative term. But let's just say China has yet to have its own South Ossetia or Crimea moments or comparable US invasions like those of Iraq and Afghanistan. Much ink has been spilled about China's failure to criticise Russia's aggression. But it's hard to imagine China committing similarly aggressive acts.

At this moment, Beijing has committed almost 2,200 troops as peacekeepers in at least 10 UN missions, which is more than any other UN Security Council member, including the US.

A Chinese warship recently escorted a shipment of chemical weapons from Syria as part of an international deal. In January, a mainland icebreaker helped rescue a Russian ship off Antarctica. Before Shinzo Abe came to power, China was one of the most generous donors to Japan after the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Is China the devil, an angel or both depending on where, when and how?

Those who want to judge or understand China fairly should look at the totality of the often-contradictory evidence, not cherry-pick only that which fits their preconceptions.


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Ah Pierce m'boy, just like I predicted. You CCP apologist types are so darn predictable. Welcome. Please stay. Your humour is much appreciated.
THe US D of I is the document describing the founding principles for the US. It applies to Americans, and Americans alone. The US D of I does not obligate the US to extend those principles to everyone the world over. The US D of I does not mean a non-American can look to the US for assistance whenever their life/liberty/pursuit of happiness is affected. It is beyond retarded that you would argue for this.
For example, when Chen Guangcheng was illegally held under house arrest, it is indisputable that his liberty and pursuit of happiness was compromised. Are you now saying the US would have been justified to go to his house and "liberate" him? Based on your principles, if not, why not?
Just as there is no international law (and you have failed to show any such thing), your argument here is completely ridiculous. I realize your only "principle" is to blame the US whenever you can (after all, you are a CCP apologist). And it's cute that you try to at least offer lame arguments to justify your insane position. (don't misunderstand, I really enjoy your "arguments", a lot!) But your lack of "principles" is yet another sign of the failure of your parents to perform a miracle and raise you to be a reasonably functional normal human being. But look what they had to work with!?!
Anyway, do come back. More please. Ring ring.
Nogician's prayer is answered
A rejoinder to manure (Apr 19th 2014 2:16pm)
AL: Don't expect a Shanghai surprise
It can be dementia, ignorance or dishonesty
that causes manure so much confusion
that he is, or claims to be, lost in the discussion he joins
about his nonsense that “there is a complete lack of reason”
to blame the US for action and inaction in tragedies like Rwanda’s genocides
US declares the general principle of life as its national purpose
Consistency with declared purpose and preservation of life
are the principles that the US can be blamed for violation
Only a dummy like nogician would think of UN approval
as a standard for judging blameworthiness
And he has loudly announced the non-existence of international law
manure has no where to hide
nogician is confused by the bell collar
that goes dingdong on its neck
No wonder manure has only rubbish
and nothing meaningful
Since Pierce m'boy seems to be taking his travelling road show across various threads of Mr. Lo's, I suspect he will be here soon. Everyone should be as lucky as I have been to experience what he has to say first hand. His unique brand of humour is top shelf, even if his grasp of logic is not.
"...Russia's aggression. But it's hard to imagine China committing similarly aggressive acts."???
The reporter is obviously too young to remember Tibet in the late 1950s.
The desire and/or need to incessantly "compare" with the US seems to be on the rise in some parts...
Well said, Alex!
you too, are too young to remember the 1950s Tibet and too blind to see the subsequent cultural genocide, I see...
How About
When swine and sow are out you know it stinks!
So you could very well choose to be blind and deaf, before your next verbiage and diatribe, that you are upto speed with what some of the better minds do feel and say about US of A, here are just a snippet- the superficial stuff in the Wikipedia:
Dismantle your Military-Industrial Complex, the Financial-Industrial Too-big-to-Fall Complex, neuter your Oil and Pharmaceutical imperialist capitalism; dismantle the zoo i.e. the UN, and drop all the pretences, whether you like it or not by 2020 China will overtake USA’s GDP, deal with that responsibly as member nation of this planet, with dignity without resorting to proxy-war, sedition and attrition.
Make trade and love, NOT war!
"But it's hard to imagine China committing similarly aggressive acts."
Tibet? East-Turkestan? Inner Mongolia? India? Vietnam? 60-100 million of their own people culled by the CCP? The island grabbing in other countries waters?
What more do we need?
These people make Hitler look like a boy scout:)




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