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PUBLISHED : Monday, 21 April, 2014, 3:11am
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Enough with the Che Guevara fixation, 'Long Hair'

Alice Wu says unless 'Long Hair' plans on starting a revolution of 'gunpowder and blood', it's time to give his Che fixation a rest

I loved this paper's photograph of "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung that accompanied a recent interview - published last Wednesday. It features Leung in his Che Guevara "uniform", talking on his iPhone. Guevara and the archetypal modern-day bourgeoise status symbol, less than an arm's length apart, may just be enough to make Leung's hero turn in his grave.

The caption attributing "a heart of gold" to Guevara further boggles the mind; one wouldn't usually associate "a heart of gold" with someone who has been quoted as saying: "A revolutionary must become a cold killing machine motivated by pure hate." The "Butcher of La Cabaña", who freely sent his enemies to the firing squad, believed "judicial proof is unnecessary"; an "archaic bourgeois detail". Connecting Guevara with wholesome goodness is so mind-boggling it's almost psychedelic.

But that cerebral trip ends quickly when our eyes fall on the headline, "The man who'll do anything to wake up Hongkongers". These nine words should wake anyone up from la-la land, with alarms blaring and lights flashing. Guevara, too, considered the need to wake up the sleeping masses.

The question for Leung is: with what would he wake up the masses? Would he resort to "anything"? Excuse me for being scared, but "anything" for Guevara wasn't just getting kicked out of the chamber or flinging bananas at people. For Leung's favourite nice guy, "anything" included staining his "rifle red while slaughtering any enemy", openly declaring that his "nostrils dilate while savouring the acrid odour of gunpowder and blood", and fantasising about squashing Christ "like a worm". Guevara was pure terror.

Incorporating Guevara into his wardrobe is one thing; to take "killing the bull" as his cause is another. Signalling his disappointment with moderate pan-democrat legislators, Leung had said: "Just like in the arena, you are not there to do business; you are there to kill the bull." Defining politics as a blood sport should be a cause for worry.

Now, Leung is erudite, more so than most of his colleagues. There is no way he doesn't know of Guevara's scary ways.

While Leung slammed moderate pan-democrats for being moderate, what he did in Shanghai was by no means "revolutionary", although he likes to be called one. He had to show he had the guts to confront the "bull", to borrow his words. But he sacrificed nothing.

This Che Guevara image did not, does not and will never work. Leung should ponder his very serious crisis of imagination. As an aspiring revolutionary, he needs to consider "reinvention" - think Madonna (there are plenty of Madonna T-shirts).

On this Easter Monday, let the revolutionary of all revolutionaries - Jesus of Nazareth - inspire you, Mr Leung. And let a new statue of that revolutionary extraordinaire shed light. The statue, depicting Jesus as a vagrant sleeping on a park bench, in an affluent community in North Carolina, got some people to call the police on Jesus. Now that's revolutionary - with meaning and purpose.

Alice Wu is a political consultant and a former associate director of the Asia Pacific Media Network at UCLA


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Excellent article! What has Long Hair Leung Kwok-hung contributed to his own party, let alone Hong Kong? We need to move on.
Formerly ******
As I've posted under another story about Mr. Leung, his worship of Che Guevara is hypocritical. To top it off, Guevara was a coward when not standing behind a firing squad.
The U.S.-trained Bolivian Rangers who caught and executed Guevara had no respect for him. Guevara begged the Rangers not to kill him and even gave away the positions of his comrades and they all were found and killed by the Rangers. Guevara wasn't even a good guerrilla fighter. He and his comrades left trails easy to follow; angered the indigenous Indians who in turn told the Rangers in what area to find the Guevara and his band of fools, and often got lost in the rain forest, spending days going in circles.
我已經張貼下,梁先生的另一個故事,他的格瓦拉的崇拜是虛偽的。最糟的 · 格瓦拉是個懦夫時不站在行刑隊身後。美國受過訓練的玻利維亞別動隊抓到和執行 · 格瓦拉也為他的不尊重。· 格瓦拉求別動隊不殺了他,甚至放棄了他的戰友們的立場和他們所有被發現和被巡警殺害。· 格瓦拉甚至不是一個好的遊擊隊戰士。他和他的同志左文物徑易於遵循 ;激怒的土著印地安人反過來在哪些領域尋找 · 格瓦拉和他的樂隊的傻瓜,告訴巡警和經常迷路在雨林裡,花天在兜圈子。
Leung is a "light weight" , more concerned with his self image than the substance of his
Apparent public service.
Now if someone can just convince the stupid people who elected Long-Hair into Legco to not do it again the next time around..............then HK would be a better place.
Che and pigtail are tradecrafts of the pied piper
a street smart survivor with limited schooling
is understandably shallow in theory
and pretentious in action
He has successfully gathered followers
to ensure his job security
It a sad that the city “needs” that as a symbol of liberty
freedom of speech has become freedom of nonsense
Long Hair is passe, let's move on.
Shelve Wu, please. This is a huge embarrassment which ought to have been reserved for a pulpit somewhere. La La Land, indeed. What on earth has being a Christian evangelical got to do with Hong Kong politics?
I would take another perspective to view Leung's self-styled connection with Che. For all the idealised goodness of Che Guevara, however fictionalised or romanticised as Miss Wu has suggested, Che remains a action hero, at least he picked up a rifle & fired whether or not you agree with his intention and motivation. For Leung? Well, sorry, he is simply sitting comfortably in his publicly funded office to ponder those occasional verbal outbursts and making absent-minded amendments in their thousands to disrupt the process in the establishment. Who measured more ? If Che is just a scoundrel then Leung is probably no more than a flea being fed with blood by a faction of this society ~ a faction who just know that they are dissatisfied with something and needed a venting channel.
.......the bottom line is that we have had enough of Mr. Leung.
Dai Muff
"Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun." You forgot that one Ms. Wu. Oh, and "War is the highest form of struggle for resolving contradictions, when they have developed to a certain stage, between classes, nations, states, or political groups, and it has existed ever since the emergence of private property and of classes."
Guess who? Not Che.




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