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PUBLISHED : Saturday, 24 May, 2014, 3:10am
UPDATED : Saturday, 24 May, 2014, 3:10am

Why fuss about the sexuality of others?

I am not gay and I don't know many gay people. But they don't bother me, so why should I bother them?

Let me correct myself. I probably know and work with gay people. It's just that they don't bother to tell me their sexual orientation and I have no interest in knowing. We define people by different attributes such as their looks, race, family background, religion and/or where they went to school. But sexuality seems to me one of the least interesting, except of those you might happen to have a romantic interest in.

That's why I don't understand people like Leticia Lee See-yin of the Justice Alliance. The group has made a big fuss about the Boys' and Girls' Clubs Association for planning to take part in a pro-gay rights event next month. It's also upset that the association offers a counselling service to confused young people to help them accept their sexuality.

They are joined by a prominent Chinese University professor who has also rounded on the association for supposedly saying gay people are born that way.

As far as I know, the association and the Family Planning Association don't drag kids into their offices to convert them to homosexuality or tell them to become gay. They merely help them adjust to and accept their sexuality. That's what counselling is all about. So what if they take public money as part of their funding?

On the other hand, there are plenty of religious groups who actively try to convert confused gay people to heterosexuality - to straighten them out. That seems to me far more problematic, not to mention immoral.

At heart is their belief that being gay is a personal choice, not something you are born into. But that seems counterintuitive at the very least. I never chose heterosexuality. I really believe I was just born that way. So I have no trouble believing gay people - and scientists who study sexuality who say - that gays are born, not made. What the anti-gay people say amounts to arguing that a gay person is really born to be attracted to people of the opposite sex, yet makes a perverse choice to sleep with or attach to people of his/her own sex. That doesn't seem likely.

I have never liked Lady Gaga but when she sings "Born this way", I have to agree with her.


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People who are concerned about other people's sexual inclinations need counseling, not the 'young people'. Leave them alone.
Society is changing and these people can't stand the fact that young people have become more tolerant and can accept diversity, hence the outrage.
For a God-preaching person, you seem without love and charity towards your fellow men. Who says homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals etc have 'agendas'? They are just being themselves, and it is people like you who can't just mind their own businesses and have 'agendas' to destroy or denigrate others. Homosexuals are 'unhealthy'? Did you know that Ancient Rome and Greece (very civilized countries at that time) practiced homosexuality as the norm? One ancient saying claimed that "Women are for business, boys are for pleasure." Alexander the Great was one example. I would even suggest that the classic Chinese love story 梁山泊與祝英台 is about homosexual love since 梁 loved 祝 literally to death without knowing that 祝 is female. When did things change? Probably due to Christian beliefs which were forced on all conquered countries and spread by missionaries so that we are all brainwashed to think that heterosexuality is the norm. It is not necessarily so, and non-Christians in particular need not subscribe to this belief. 'Domestic violence rates among homosexuals'? Convince me that domestic violence doesn't happen in the rest of society. Your other arguments are just your own very biased views and preferences and have no credibility. You can believe what you like. Other people are also entitled to believe what they want too. Unlike Christians, they don't go around preaching and converting others. You are surprisingly out-of-date about acceptance of others.
America bashing, China bashing and now gay bashing. Hateful people are losers of the worst kind. They are addicted to their own lies and become deranged when confronted by facts. Obsessive compulsion to have the last word in a debate is a telltale sign of their neurosis.
Pray and tell us: Under which rock have you been hiding in the last three decades?
We should spend time to teach our society and young children on tolerance and acceptance of different orientations, races and society. That is the only way our society will prosper and grow, with diversity and steps towards the new world. Inclusivity will help the world to be a better place. Any other forms will take our society back to the stone ages.
Good article.I wonder how these anti-gay minorities would handle their children coming home and announcing they are gay? Reprogram them? Tell them they are dreaming?
"Because the homosexual or LGBT agenda is about reducing population". Firstly I didn't know there was an "agenda". Who thought up the agenda? To say that there is an "agenda" means that two or more persons must have met and reached a consensus to have that "agenda". Secondly to say that it is about reducing population is pure ****. This is all so trumped up. God, whoever he is and if he is so compassionate, should be unconditionally INCLUSIVE. One mentions the shepherd and the herd. The herd contains people who are black, yellow, brown and white. Will you accept someone into the herd who is a serial rapist? He certainly is not gay! To exclude someone because he/she is gay or LGBT simply goes against that very principle of inclusiveness. God simply CANNOT be selectively inclusive. Get it right, for God's sake. Thirdly, being gay or LGBT is not a disease and if you think so, then you are diseased. If one of your kids is gay, please don't "convert" him, love him, accept him and care for him as he is, love him as a child of God. If you can't do that, then let's be decent enough to take off your veil of hypocracy, tell everyone that you are not a GOOD member of the herd. You are so so ordinary. Lastly, to say that domestic violence has something to do with homosexuality is to deny the fact that there are some "masters" who maltreat servants. I'd recommend psychological counselling for you, Sir, before it's too late.
****** afraid to show your handle you weak pathetic POS
that is the best response you have? typical left wing stick man reply, you have NOTHING , zero response to good decent people
you just thrive on decadence and want everyone to be filthy like you
We should teach tolerance and acceptance anyway, not necessarily because our society will prosper but because it is the right thing to do.




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