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US does more harm than good with military intervention on foreign soil

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 15 June, 2014, 3:55am
UPDATED : Sunday, 15 June, 2014, 3:55am

The US promises peace and stability wherever in the world its military goes. More often than not in recent years, though, there has been conflict and chaos. A lesson should have been learned from the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003; tranquility was predicted, yet when the last American troops pulled out eight years later, the nation was wracked by sectarian violence. With Islamist extremists now overrunning northern cities and threatening Baghdad, US President Barack Obama's response is not to engage in self-reflection, but to consider immediate action.

Obama is unlikely to opt for another boots-on-the-ground solution, even though that is what opposition Republican politicians want; Americans are unwilling to stomach the financial cost or put the lives of soldiers at risk. While drone air strikes seem to be the most likely option, a decision has yet to be made. Such action would be in support of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, whose increasingly autocratic rule has in large part led to the insurgency. Backed by billions of dollars of American aid, his policies have favoured his majority Shiite Muslim faction, marginalising and enraging Sunni opponents.

The Obama administration claimed the al-Qaeda terrorist organisation was on the path of defeat when US special forces killed its leader, Osama bin Laden, at a Pakistani hideout in 2011. But the Sunni militant group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant now surging towards the Iraqi capital is an al-Qaeda offshoot which has already made dramatic gains in northern Syria. Similarly, as the US prepares to pull out of Afghanistan, contending its mission against Taliban extremists is largely fulfilled, an offshoot of the group is stepping up attacks in neighbouring Pakistan. A brazen assault on Karachi's international airport last Sunday left 28 people dead. Peace talks with the government have broken down.

US drone strikes on suspected terrorists in Pakistan's tribal regions bordering Afghanistan - the same strategy being discussed for Iraq - garnered support among Pakistanis for the Taliban. American aid to rebels fighting Syria's civil war was matched by military backing from Saudi Arabia for al-Qaeda-linked militants and from Iran for Shiite fighters. US interference in the internal affairs of nations has led not to peace, but instability. Iraqis know that only too well; it is time the US and other nations stopped military meddling and instead work for diplomatic solutions.


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M Miyagi
The US have more than 300 military bases abroad with more than 300,000 thousand troops deployed abroad. Since the end of WWII, the US and her allies have been involved in continuous wars and have slaughtered millions, destroyed many nations like Libya, Iraq and looted the wealth of their victims. The US have been inciting conflicts and wars everywhere. The US pivot to Asia is a continuation of this policy which have not brought any security or peace even for the US itself. Behind all this troubles, is the US cold war mentality and immoral ideology. even jealousy. Australian PM Tony Abott recently chastised President Obama for resenting China's economic success.
1. Quoting Tony Abbot with a straight face is revealing. He's a well documented **** up of the highest order.
2. The world knows that the US intervenes in foreign affairs when circumstances conflict with its interests. And such interventions have been counter-productive at best, murderous at worst.
3. I wonder if the US and its citizens realize they are the villain of modern times.
3. They appear to be making up for their isolationist policies of WW1 and WW2 by overtly and covertly policing the world to suit their needs. And we can't do anything about it. Their industrial military complex is too large and too embedded within their fraudulent, lobbyist controlled government.
4. We can whine all we want - but we can't do anything to stop them.
5. Let's hope their constant outward demonstrations of culturally representing justice and divine morality will eventually become true. But that has never happened since it reached super power status 100 years ago - their hypocrisy is relentless. They're just more brazen now with their jingoistic self-righteousness with regard to their military operations, and we are at their mercy.
This is what Western-imposed "freedom and democracy" brings to previously stable and peaceful lands.
But explain this to Hong Kong's brain-washed "pan-democrats" and they won't listen!
They have a death wish to see Hong Kong fall apart before the more radical of them next move on to attempting to turn Mainland China upside down. They are doing quite well with the former but the latter is not going to be permitted to happen. 前进!进!(Qian Jin ! Jin !)
I Gandhi
The US is a war-monger, human-rights abuser and liar. Obama who learned his debased "values" growing up in Jakarta under the fraudster, kleptocrat and mass **** Suharto makes the US into an even more dangerous lawless country.
You don't even get a chance to enjoy the true democratic environment so how would you understand the reason people struggle to protect our core values. Since you're the one being brainwashed and merely a 50-cent member, it's futile for me to explain it to you.
Don't brag! there is nothing in HK for mainlanders to brag about, other than comparatively cheaper imported merchandise ( a HK advantage which probably will vanish as free trade zones on the mainland proliferate). The mainlanders are attracted by foreign goods and money oppotunities, not democracy.
Alas, instead of "shock and awe," it's awe shucks, we **** things up all over again.
All Governments & People of the countries, Iraq,Syria,Libya, Afghanistan etc were already killing each other prior to the USA / UN / NATO intervention. And as is shown in Iraq will continue to do so irrespective who tries to help.
The World's rich countries should stop selling weapons to these failed nations then the killing will [ not stop ] but be less.
Look at Rwanda they slaughtered 800,000 people with Machettes ! The killing will always go on.
Sherri Lynn Wilkins was Given a 55 year prison sentence for causing the death of a Male pedestrian
While Driving under the Influence of Alcohol and Leaving The Scene of The Crash.
Now To me that is an extremely Harsh punishment even though Sherri Had Broken the Law regarding Driving a Vehicle While intoxicated by Alcohol.
However I believe That the Death Caused Was an Accident and not something knowingly and recklessly carried out.
and for the judge to Convict her of 2nd degree Murder is Wrong, Because the death was The result of an Accident Due to the Effect of Alcohol.
Punish people for breaking the Law while Driving a Car under the influence of Alcohol or Drugs
yes but to give them a 55 year prison sentence in my mind is over the top and even inappropriate
because no doubt given Time a similar death will be caused and despite the harsh punishment
people will carry on regardless.
so surely the law needs to be looked at again and even changed?
because don't forget that cigarette companies cause countless deaths to occur by means of their products and yet amazingly the law in the USA Does not consider That to be a crime
and so people can become super rich from the sale and public consumption of a health destroying and death causing product, and according to the law That is not a Crime.
to me that is extremely unjust and is surely one of the reasons why america is in a mess.
After thirty five years of western military interventions and the unintended consequences that followed, could there be another way? ****youtu.be/NFoOlbXndbA



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