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PUBLISHED : Monday, 16 June, 2014, 3:15am
UPDATED : Monday, 16 June, 2014, 2:40pm

Most Legco protesters care little about plight of New Territories villagers

A small number of hooligan-lawmakers and their young mindless supporters have hijacked a campaign by villagers against a government plan to build two new towns in the northeast New Territories.

Claiming to fight for the villagers and the people of Hong Kong, they in fact exploited the controversial plan for their own agenda and stormed the legislature on Friday night. Using metal fences and bamboo sticks to trash entrances to the Legco building, they provoked and fought with officers and then claimed police brutality.

Several young men who claimed they were beaten up actually jumped off a police van and walked merrily to the group of reporters to complain and show off their "wounds". From photos I saw taken by our photographers, I could see nothing more than scratches, if anything.

Stakeholders may reasonably argue over details of the locations and extent of two new towns, which have been revised several times since 2008. If it were just a fight between the villagers and the government, there is no reason to doubt the villagers would be reasonably compensated or offered public flats in the same districts.

But while lawmakers like Albert Chan Wai-yip and Raymond Chan Chi-chuen of People Power worked inside Legco to sabotage a meeting on funding, their supporters outside clashed with police, leading to the meeting's suspension.

These are the young people who responded to Twitter and Facebook messages from the League of Social Democrats, student unions and numerous other protest-anything groups. Most of these protesters would not have met the real villagers affected by the government plan or cared much about what they really wanted. Many are the same people who take part in all sorts of anti-government protests, regardless of their merits. Labour Party lawmaker Fernando Cheung Chiu-hung said the protesters knew what they were opposing and the government should stop insulting them and start listening to the people. Really?

They oppose the government all right; they just don't care over what and whether they trample on the rights and interests of other people.


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“Plight” of NT villagers?
Individually they enjoy right of ding house inheritance
Collectively they enjoy dubious title over village land
privileges long stripped from their rural brethrens
by enclosure in England
and collectivization in the mainland
NT residents want to preserve their spacious living environment
City folks demanding living space want new urban developments
John Adams
Well spoken Mr Lo !
"Hooligan-lawmakers and their young mindless supporters ".... these are the imbeciles we should blame for the China White Paper.
We got soundly spanked on the bottom and we deserve it for allowing these imbeciles so much latitude in the name of "democracy"
The PRC has given us lot of latitude these past few years, but finally enough is enough.
The first time I came across "people power" was during a peaceful July 1 march. When I got to Wanchai MTR station on Hennessy Road there was a people's power fixed stand with a loony on the platform ranting and raving like a hybrid between adolph hitler and bin laden...or worse...
If that's what "democracy- HK style" is all about I for one want NO part of it and the sooner these raving loonies are put down humanely the better .
But the sad - very sad - thing is that a lot of decent-minded young people actually believe that these loonies are what democracy is all about ( not to mention the load of hooligans).
What the deceived young people DON'T understand is that true democracy is a soft government system that actually prevents raving loonies / would-be-dictators / potential- hitlers-and-stalins from ever EVER getting to the point where they can do real damage to society.
I couldn't agree more with you Alex! These young protesters are hijacking the debate about the new towns development in the New Territories for selfish reasons. They are not interested in the benefits that the new towns will bring to the local communities such as more public and private housing, employment, better shopping and transport facilities, new recreational facilities, and improving the landscape and local environment.
They certainly do not represent the views of the overwhelming majority of indigenous villagers or local community. I know because I am an indigenous person myself and most of the indigenous villagers and local people I have spoken to are highly in favour of the new towns development for the reasons stated above.
The government must be firm on this issue and not allow some selfish, lawless and publicity-seeking hooligans to undermine their authority and stand in the way of progress.
So much for hypocrisy in this city....
The pan dems regularly condemn the rights and privileges enjoyed by the pro-Beijing Heung Yee **** and indigenous villlagers, yet they are now siding with the NT "villagers" to defend their "rights" this time.
Who do we believe?
Shatin and other parts of Hong Kong have had to make way for mass housing to cater for the needs of this city. Same everywhere else in the world.
These accusations you raised I cannot agree:
- protesters did not know what they are defending
- protesters were not really beaten up
- the incident is just a deal between villagers and the government
You also did not offer any comments about the alleged collusion/corruption between government and land developers, Paul Chan's conflict of interest, the abuse of power by the chairman, the insincere consultation exercise, the harassment to local villagers even before the plan was approved, and the plan's possible destruction to our country side and agricultural sector.
For your quick reference:
I would say most protesters have hijacked the June 4 incident as well.
They care little about the mainlanders.
Evidence ?
Compare the no. of attendants attending the June 4 vigil anniversaries shortly after 1989 and that in recent years.
well said
Plight in their eyes....
Stupidity in everyone elses'
Wow, for once I agree with you
Each one also enjoy a free cemetery area. That's why you see so many isolated concrete patches in the otherwise all green hillsides. Such concrete patches newly appear even in
Shatin, a highly populated area.




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