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PUBLISHED : Friday, 27 June, 2014, 3:13am
UPDATED : Friday, 27 June, 2014, 3:18am

China, United States go to extremes over farce

The central government's propaganda machine has a habit of dismissing things it doesn't like as "farce".

Occupy Central's mock referendum, which has attracted more than 740,000 voters, has been denounced as "an illegal farce". This week, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying dismissed as "a complete farce" a US congressional move to rename the street where the Chinese embassy is located in Washington after jailed Nobel Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo.

Actually, this is a bit of a farce. I am all for releasing Liu unconditionally, but the new address will serve no other purpose than provoking Beijing.

The US House Appropriations Committee approved an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2015 State and Foreign Operations Bill that would force the State Department to rename the street. Instead of 3505 International Place, NW, the embassy will have a new address: No 1 Liu Xiaobo Plaza. In the 1980s, the State Department renamed the street outside the Soviet embassy as Andrei Sakharov Plaza, after the dissident nuclear physicist.

One reason the amendment went so far in the US legislature is because it was sponsored by the influential but retiring representative Frank Wolf, who spent much of the last 34 years climbing up the ranks of the powerful committee in charge of, you guess it, funding. A Republican who represents Virginia, Wolf is a master of pork-barrel politics and has exploited his position to steer massive federal funds to booming north Virginia. Now that's "real" democracy at work.

To be fair, Chinese communists invented this sort of provocation. During the Cultural Revolution, Red Guards renamed the street outside the Soviet embassy in Beijing "Anti-Revisionism Road", the ideological tag used against communist Russia after the Sino-Soviet split.

Even so, China is now incensed. Hey, don't get mad, get even. The bill wouldn't come into effect till next fiscal year, so there's plenty of time to rename the address of the US embassy in Beijing. In Chinese online forums, various names have been proposed.

How about No 1 Edward Snowden Boulevard or Guantanamo Bay Avenue for the US embassy?


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Ahhh kids these days...whatareyougonnado?
Nothing wrong with using the word farce per se. It's just that, when the CCP use it over and over and do so indiscriminately, it becomes akin to crying wolf.
Or, to borrow from The Incredibles, when everything is a "farce", nothing is.

I think our Chinese friends might prefer the "Double Standard Street"...
AL: The central government's propaganda machine has a habit of dismissing things it doesn't like as "farce".
What’s the point of the observation
that a comedy is called a comedy
and a tragedy, a tragedy
if it isn’t followed
by some constructive proposal
such as that what’s called a comedy
should be properly recognized as a tragedy
Readers await AL's language instruction:
Please use specific examples to show us
what better to label those ridiculous events
that China has considered farcical
Regardless of the outcome, the feelings of the Chinese people were farcically hurt.
I agree that the new address will serve no other purpose than provoking Beijing. But that's not a bad purpose at all. Provoke a savage and maybe he'll make a mistake and expedite his own demise.
Edward Snowden didn't have to leak ****. Many of your children in the states are blatantly shady cowards. In fact, I knew what was going on the second it started and acted on it immediately but your stupid shady children thought ignoring everything and lying continuously would be a great idea.
John Adams
I do like "No 1 Edward Snowden Boulevard"
Could one also add "Hypocrite Street " and make the road a cul de sac ?
It is a farce. It is insulting to children to say it is infantile, but most will simply be lost for words that these civil servants have nothing better to do.
There isn't any need to rename the street where the US embassy is located. All that needs to be done is to change the address of the US embassy only. The new address should be: US Embassy, 666 Edward Snowden Drive, Beijing, PRC. 666 would be significant because a lot of Americans are religious fanatics and would recognise what it stands for.
I would advise: US Embassy, 911 Osama bin Laden Drive, Beijing, PRC.




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