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PUBLISHED : Thursday, 10 July, 2014, 4:33am
UPDATED : Thursday, 10 July, 2014, 6:06am

Hong Kong's Leung Chun-ying should forgo desire for a second chief executive term

Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying does not strike me as an unintelligent man. So I am scratching my head as to why he still insists there is no real problem between the legislative and executive branches.

It's not just endless filibustering by a few malcontents in Legco, as he has claimed. It is war in all but name between the pan-democrats and the government. As a de facto opposition, they can't implement meaningful policies, but they can sabotage or delay controversial government plans such as new town developments in the New Territories, funding for waste management facilities and the double property stamp duty. There is now a backlog of over 40 items before the Legislative Council's Finance Committee.

Of 29 bills before Legco, only eight have been passed. Pigheaded Treasury Bureau officials are effectively aiding and abetting the pan-dems by refusing to reshuffle the order of the items on the Finance Committee agenda so that uncontroversial items can quickly be put before the committee for approval. Is there a way to break the impasse, which is symptomatic of deep fissures in our society?

One suggestion has been for Leung to resign. Everyone would cheer, but would it solve anything? Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor could step in, doing a repeat of Donald Tsang Yam-kuen when the city's first chief executive Tung Chee-hwa resigned amid crumbling popularity. Or the old election committee could shoe in someone else close to Beijing. Either way, the honeymoon would not last. Our political problems are systemic.

There is a workable halfway for Leung - to announce he would not seek a second term. Instead, he would focus the remaining three years of his term to making sure Hong Kong achieves universal suffrage as prescribed under the Basic Law by 2017. He may thereby regain some political capital with the general public, if not with the pan-dems. He would challenge the pan-dems to sabotage his eminently defensible policies to increase housing supply, bring down property prices and improve social welfare and education. He would also moderate the influx of mainland visitors.

Leung has always said he wanted a second term. But it's time for a strategic retreat, an honourable one for the history books.


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Regardless of what people say, Leung is the first CE who is willing to tackle difficult issues that previous CE's shied away. The SAR administration and government had been directionless and lethargic for 17 years. Who can name one good policy that was well implemented and delivered results before Leung? The refusal to cooperate with each other within government bureaus demonstrates that the bureau chiefs are running their own little empires. They refuse to work with the administration because that would threaten their golden parachutes at retirement with business cartels. It would require more than two terms to clean and fill up this decayed cavity. Agreeing not to run a second term is bowing to political and business pressure. Hong Kong cannot afford to go back to the usual laissez-faire while government backed businesses milking the public resources dry. The question to CY Leung is that does he have the stomach for a second term?
How About
I disagree with you on this Alex, CY Leung is doing a better job than the first two CEs combined, and he should consider a second term and break up all current monopolies of HK, for the good of the next generations of HKers.
Do not measure leadership by popularity. A good leader needs to make difficult decisions for the greater good. I will not say CY has proven track records yet but please can anyone give me a name who can make difficult calls? If not, let that man finish his jobs. The "anti-establishment" protesters who shouted the loudest get themselves heard but they do not represent majority of the population in Hong Kong who prefer to keep quiet.
Who do you want to be the next CE? Li Ka Shing? CY is the first CE who has the guts to stand up against the tycoons and the vested interests, who since 1997 have held Hong Kong to ransom and even controlled the previous CE with corrupted methods. Because of CY, the tycoon cronies have seen their property bubble contained and even some have been put on trial by ICAC. I will be happy for CY to stay the course.
John Adams
I also agree with Mr Lo. and with cleareye.
CY is the first CE who has had the guts to actually change something in HK for the better, even though the going is tough.
If he concentrates on the rest of his term and does not try for a second term, he will eventually go down in the history books as a very good and altruistic CE (unlike Tung and worst still - Tsang)
Also, given that CE is certainly not "unintelligent" , who on earth would want another 5 years of the same awful pressure and criticism for only doing what he thinks is the right thing for HK ?
Keep it up CY ! There's a huge silent majority behind you ! Don't count the ones who marched on July 1, Count the ones who deliberately did NOT march ( like me)
Donald Tsang did nothing for a decade. Who ever follows him was destined to fail.
Not much good when he is tearing Hong Kong apart. He ran on the promise of uniting everyone. He has. They are now united against him and his band of cronies, called the Government.
6 months ago and I would have agreed with you Alex. My stance has shifted from being 100% anti-CY to being neutral with a slight leaning towards him on his housing policies, apparent unwillingness to befriend the tycoons and his rebuttal against Global Times. He is still not good enough but then who is especially when you consider it is Beijing who calls the shots. CY can be given a chance for a second-term provided us voters are given genuine choices to select our CE. If people are pleased with his first term work and vote him in, this should be respected.
Yes, CY should use the 5 years of a 2nd administration period to fix the illegal structures on his house...
The problems stem beyond just CY..........Legco members should all leave too. They are the biggest joke in HK.




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