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Malaysia Airlines flight 17
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Propaganda obscuring truth about fate of MH17

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 30 July, 2014, 5:10am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 30 July, 2014, 10:29am

The relatives of the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 tragedy are entitled to answers. They want to know who fired the missile that brought down the plane carrying their loved ones and why. The perpetrator has to be caught and punished; the process is as much about justice as preventing repeats. But no one needs the propaganda being spun by governments and interest groups to push agendas.

An independent and truly impartial investigation is the only way to determine who fired the missile that brought down the plane over eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 people on board. Yet within hours of the Boeing 777 coming down in territory held by Russian-backed separatist fighters, accusations of who was to blame were being tossed about, first by Washington and Kiev, and then Moscow. Each has provided to the world's media purported evidence supporting claims, among them photos of missile launchers, witness accounts, intercepted military communications and satellite tracking data. In the rush to demonise, the loss and suffering has been all but ignored.

None of the evidence the various governments has provided conclusively proves fault. There are accusations of tampering. Foreign investigators have been unable to examine wreckage due to fighting between rebels and Ukrainian soldiers around the crash site. Separatists took six days to hand over the flight voice and data recorders; they are being analysed in Britain.

The recorders may not shed light on who fired the missile. Nor, with the wreckage disturbed by looters and fighters, will forensics experts necessarily find conclusive evidence. Without proof, it is wrong to apportion blame and information leaked to the media has to be treated cautiously. There needs to be extra care given the circumstances: Ukraine is the front of a struggle between the West and Russia for influence and dominance.

All sides are aggressively pushing their cases, but using the tragedy to further agendas is dangerous. The US and its allies went to war against Iraqi president Saddam Hussein in 2003 on fabricated evidence that he supported terrorists and had weapons of mass destruction. With the MH17 victims' families seeking answers, the world's media eager to provide them and rival governments only too willing to capitalise, an environment has been created for easy manipulation of facts. But political point-scoring at such a time is insensitive and irresponsible. Governments have to instead be dedicated to making every effort to finding out the truth.


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There may never be 100% "proof" but there is already enough evidence to establish beyond reasonable doubt that the pro-Russian forces did it. We are not talking about courts of law but rather about closure for the victims' famlies. They deserve as much, not articles like this.
How About
@Yknot and wallunscmp- how dumb can the both of you be to draw conclusions ahead of the publications and verification of all evidence from the Kiev ATC recordings blackboxes, NATO and Ukrainians are complete? The "jury pool" it appears has been muddled, in as much as your eagerness to demonize Putin and the Uke 'separatist' who btw voted to leave the US-backed Kiev junta, and got bombed to smithereens for their referendum. 21stcenturywire.com/2014/07/25/mh17-verdict-real-evidence-points-to-us-kiev-cover-up-of-failed-false-flag-attack/
298 lives on MH17 had tragically perished so let us all hope the truth can prevail and that their demise would have a honourable closure rather than as a prelude to WW3, www.washingtonsblog.com/2014/07/war-2.html , with eyes-wide-opened nobody was wise enough to foresee nor foretell the onsets of WW1 or WW2.
SCMP editors should presently consider rallying the world's independent scholars and journalists about what proper actions the rest of the peace loving people of the world can take and initiate, should the blood and war-thirsty Western globalists and MICC intend to replay the archduke with MH17.
Surely the human race has evolved somewhat in 100 years?
How About
Gotta to say you are even dumber to rebut with this by name-calling. What's your evidence to support what you say, just so that we know your IQ is moderately above single-digit, and you are talking common sense?
This editorial is very misleading & trying to muddle the issue, as usual. initial evidence already linked the SAM missile attack to the separatists backed and supplied by Russia. More forensic eveidence will come out in the weeks and months, this editorial need to show proof that the Ukranians shot down MH 17 or else it is just another piece of blatant propaganda
This is either an extremely naive piece of writing or a deliberate attempt to confuse the issue.
The circumstantial evidence that pro-Russian separatists shot MH17 down is overwhelming and consistent. While this needs to be confirmed by the UN investigation, it is quite disingenuous to suggest that the theories coming out of Russia have just as much chance of being backed by the UN investigation.
In stark contrast to the generally accepted theory that the plane was shot down by separatists, from the Russian side has come a torrent of unbelievable and contradictory theories. What this does do is allow those not wanting to offend Russia to claim that the truth is a matter of opinion. It seems that this is where the SCMP wants to line up.
A 'wumao' calling someone dumb. Now that is rich.
What evidence?
Surely if there was any compelling evidence in the hands of the US and its allies this would have been presented by now in order to strengthen the blatant push for war with Russia.
The only reliable satellite data presented so far points towards a shoot down by Ukrainian military jets.
This is also supported by evidence from witnesses on the ground, as seen in interviews on a suspiciously deleted BBC News report.
Either your burden of proof for serious allegations is very low, you are a government stooge, or you were dropped on your head as a child.
The only reliable evidence presented to the world so far points clearly towards the Ukrainian government as the perpetrators.
'Generally accepted theory'? You mean 'aggressively promoted US sponsored narrative used to brainwash idiots via the western mainstream media'.
Anything these buffoons come out with is laughable in light of the Iraq and Syria chemical weapons lies, not to mentions dozens of acts of state-sponsored terrorism aka 'regime change' over the past century.
Can you actually reference any of this 'evidence', or are you talking about the fake Twitter posts and the audio recordings which have long been proven to be falsified by professionals?
Either you are government sock puppet or a useful idiot.


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