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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 22 August, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 22 August, 2012, 7:30am


On calls by green groups to save New Territories farmland earmarked for housing:

Alfred Tang- Government should subsidise farmers to take advantage of rooftop space in urban areas by growing plants there.

Chu Fu-min- I wonder where all the low-income housing is supposed to be built? Build in NT, green groups complain. Reclaim the harbour, harbour conservationists complain. This is what I mean by too much activism cripples a city/country.

Sam Ho - A lot of land in Hong Kong is still undeveloped. The government should consider building housing estates there.

Jessie Tong- The undeveloped land would be too far for people to commute to work, and a lot of support services would be needed: buses, MTR, roads, schools, electricity, water, hospitals, shops, markets etc. Be reasonable. On complaints over the use by luxury stores of simplified Chinese sales tags:

Cindy Tang - I agree that there is nothing wrong with using simplified Chinese, but I disagree with it being used "exclusively". Traditional Chinese is still the main and most widely used written form of Chinese in Hong Kong and I think shops in Hong Kong (local or overseas) should respect this cultural aspect of the city.

Bjorn Berg - Use of simplified Chinese is fine as long as the traditional characters take centre stage. But as the article said: why not just use traditional? It creates an interesting and nostalgic atmosphere for mainland Chinese - and most mainlanders are capable of reading traditional characters, so why not just stick to those?

Sienna Lai - Isn't this more an indication of how we (as a culture) worry and fret over the most frivolous of things?