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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 12 September, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 12 September, 2012, 12:26am

On the Legco election results:

Jose Allan Tan - Not a very good sign to have an increased presence among radical democrats.

Chu Fu-min - Don't let a noisy radical minority dictate policy for the moderate majority!

Michael Anthony Phillips - People Power have nothing to do with the power of the people but with bully-boy supporters prepared to shout down any opposition - and that will do Hong Kong no good because they don't care about Hong Kong, only their own wacky agenda.


On a green advocate's claim that HK does not have the capacity to allow in more visitors:

Jessie Tong - I am sure many countries would give their eye-teeth to get our shopping tourists, particularly in this economic climate. And here we are, complaining about them.

Ela Sashimi - No to multiple entry of the 4 million Shenzhen "tourists". There is no quicker way to sink HK. We HKers decide who gets in and who gets kicked out, not some communists. Shenzhen has no sovereignty over HK. Their dream. SZ should try to build a mini HK there instead.


On ban remaining in force for helpers from mainland:

Alice Wu - Yes, ban should stay in place. Don't see what cultural and language advantages mainlander amahs have over overseas helpers. They are probably worse off than most Filipinos in terms of multi-tasking skills.

Bob Howe - They may have a ban, but if you believe they aren't already working here then you are blind! They are all over my neighbourhood.

Alvin Chung - What about consumer choice and rights? Why is it the government's business to decide what nationality people's employees ought to be and ought not to be?