Discovery Bay developer proving unco-operative

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 16 September, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 16 September, 2012, 1:25am

An eco-unfriendly, so-called development project is being undertaken by award-winning developer Hong Kong Resort Co, in what is proclaimed to be Hong Kong's first green town - Discovery Bay ("Residents ready to fight DB developer", September 9).

Because of this project a popular hiking and mountain bike trail, which is well known by the local and international biking and hiking communities, has been blocked off and effectively destroyed. Known by local residents as the Trappist Monastery trail, it starts near the top of the Discovery Valley Road, skirts the outline of the golf course and merges into the concrete footpath built by the Trappist Haven Monastery to Mui Wo.

About a month ago, this trail was suddenly blocked by large concrete boulders at different locations about half a kilometre from the trail head.

These boulders embrace an area about the size of a football playground and completely block the footpath.

Within this area, trees have been cut down, soil dug up by bulldozers and large swathes of green hillside destroyed.

No warning notices were put up to let hikers know what was going on, despite the possible associated dangers if they tried to walk the trail.

Despite numerous inquiries from residents, Discovery Bay's management company, City Management, remains reticent about the development project. It admitted some "construction work" had been undertaken by Hong Kong Resort Co. Discovery Bay's official website still advertises the trail as one of the community's major attractions.

After making numerous calls to Hong Kong Resort, I was asked to write to their projects department. In reply a Miss Chung, of City Management, said she was unable to give any details of this construction work. But she promised to pass my concerns and questions to the relevant departments of Hong Kong Resort.

However, a month later no one has contacted me. Miss Chung has not returned my calls.

People who choose Discovery Bay as their home must, to a certain extent, accept the design and development concepts of the developer.

While we congratulate Hong Kong Resort on its recent award of best developer by a magazine, we also think that it has an obligation to inform us of all the developments it has planned, especially the one that has resulted in the blockage of one of our favourite hiking trails.

We are willing to help work with the company and build a practical alternative route bypassing the construction site.

Yung Tak-ko, Discovery Bay