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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 19 September, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 19 September, 2012, 2:27am

On lower-than-usual interest in the new iPhone 5:

Jessie Tong - My iPad and iPhone are great. I don't need to update them just because there are newer models.

Marcus H. Langston - I will [buy one] because my 4G has a cracked screen, never connected to Wi-fi and someone else can use it for many more years. Good timing for me and I don't want a Samsung when my whole household has Apple.

Sam Ho - Apple products are egregiously overpriced. For the price of a Mac laptop, you can get roughly more than two notebooks pre-installed with Windows and yet with the exact same hardware specifications.


On the eviction of Occupy Central protesters from HSBC's HQ:

Law Hin-lau - One of the core values of Hong Kong is law & order. Since these demonstrators publicly defied the court's order to move, it set a very bad precedent for the public.

Rich Young - Geez. Occupy Whatever City didn't succeed in any cities, but caused annoyance in every city they did this. It was time for them to leave. They were getting free rent at the expense of HSBC or the HK government.

Ian Hau - Ironically the design of the original architect of the HSBC building was to allow the public to use the ground level as a public accessible space. A kind of public give-back gesture by the bank. Not sure if he realised how good a space it was - so good people don't want to leave!


On mainland parallel traders flooding into Hong Kong:

Michael Anthony Philips - This may be good for retailers, but the people of Sheung Shui are more than just fed up … I see trouble pending

Geróid Ged Carroll - You think that's bad, you should try the tube in London during rush hour. Maybe time to shift the parallel trade to quieter hours - maybe better for both?

Kurt Wong - We can't just let the retailers have the benefits and let residents suffer. We all have the right to enjoy an [obstacle-free] trip on the railway.