International schools in Hong Kong

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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 07 November, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 07 November, 2012, 1:57am

On the shortage of international primary school places in HK:

Douglas Bland - The government has done enough damage already, it should allow the schools and concerned business networks to come up with proposals to create more international school capacity.

Kelvin Ng - Government should let private business enterprises operate these so-called international schools as private businesses. In short, HK taxpayers should not be asked to spend even a penny on them.

Ela Sashimi - So many parents are sending their kids to new and rubbishy international schools that international schools as a category have lost their reputation.

Marcus H. Langston - Permanent residents' children should have the same subsidy across all schools if both parents of the child are permanent residents. Other parents whose children or themselves are not all permanent residents should have to pay an unsubsidised fee until they all have permanent residency and are an established HK fee-paying family.


On the chief executive saying there is no need for people to wave colonial flags:

Yin Chi-chan - The communists treat Hong Kong as simply a matter of "taking back what is rightfully theirs". This warlord mentality, with no regard to the rights of Hong Kong, is at least 63 years out of date.

Eric Choi - Waving colonial flags is clearly out of line. I don't quite understand why the society is spending so much time rationalising it in the first place.


On Hong Kong supposedly losing its position as China's go-between with the world:

Marianne Bunton - Shame HK govt relied on this assumption so heavily for the last 15 years while we watch Singapore make huge leaps forward in key industries such as finance, tech, media, events, etc.

Letitia Wong - Until CCP has its own rule of law that is recognised internationally, they wouldn't let go of HK! Keep bluffing.