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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 14 November, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 14 November, 2012, 3:15am

On ATV protesting over new free-to-air licences:

Harminder Singh - ATV is protesting against competition. I say more free-to-air channels! If ATV wants to stay in the game, it will need to step up its pathetic programming. And if it shuts down, the market will compensate, with the other stations picking up the most popular programmes and talent.

Patrick Chu Wing-lee - There are strong grounds to bring in more competition by having more TV stations, as TVB is now nearly monopolising while ATV repeats old stuff, especially on World channel. Those wanting to watch English programmes have practically little or no choice at all.

Yin Chi-chan - [The] main problem is that Pearl and World air shows six months or more behind their original runs overseas, by which time everyone has pirated the shows online. If ATV doesn't want its World channel to bankrupt the rest of its operations, it needs to bring in more viewers by signing first-run syndication deals. That is, if Pearl doesn't snap up these deals first.

Mike Brooks - I don't see the problem. More stations may improve the situation.


On suggestions Beijing coffee drinkers are being overcharged by Starbucks:

Joseph Ko - Stop thinking that Starbucks is selling coffee per se, it is selling status. It costs a lot more for that product regarded as [supreme] in China, and that's the reason.

Sam Ho - Starbucks is a famous brand, and often for the rich, drinking Starbucks coffee represents their wealth and identity. To get the loyalty of these people, Starbucks has to charge them more, or they would simply see Starbucks as an ordinary coffee shop for ordinary people.