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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 21 November, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 21 November, 2012, 2:55am


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On the display of colonial flags in recent protests:

Ben Lim - It's clearly an indication they want the British instead of the Chinese government. Asking for separation from the Chinese government is the same as asking for independence.

Joseph Ko - The demonstrations with colonial flags were to show anger and frustration. All, including mainland officials, know it's not an independence movement, but mainland officials always do what they are good at, that is, creating propaganda. Ironically, the more they delve into these attacks, the more they become detached from reality. No wonder there is no effort towards any real solutions!

Yi Long - It's about freedom (and human rights), and the fear it's going to be taken away from Hong Kong people by the increasing influence of the Chinese government.

Neil Taylor - This whole fuss is Beijing propaganda. There's nothing new in people flying the old flag - they've been flown at every July 1 rally since the handover. People also fly the Republic of China flag, but that doesn't mean they want HK to be ruled by Taiwan.


On the country's new leadership:

Winnie Wong - Xi Jinping will be an experienced leader of the PRC, Xi has proved he can lead and has foresight when he was a governor.


On the fact that the number of poor is rising in HK:

Marcus H. Langston - People wouldn't be so poor if the prices from greedy monopolies and landlords weren't so ridiculously overinflated. It would be better for the unelected few to crack down on this rather than do nothing after "consultations" over poverty policy.

Mandy Ng - I wish the government could do more. It's a struggle for many people living day to day.