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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 20 February, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 20 February, 2013, 4:12am

On a hotline to help Hong Kong mothers get baby formula receiving over 5,000 calls:

Chu Fu-min - When will someone start questioning the cartel that controls the supply of formula into Hong Kong?

Marcus H. Langston - Great idea in the letters page from Wendy Allen of Stanley suggesting that the formula confiscated at the border should be donated to local hospitals. Free milk for all who won't breastfeed!


On a Taoist omen warning city dwellers to beware of "wicked people":

Mike Brooks - Extreme capitalism is a failure. We are not learning the lessons of Europe and America. A small crust dictate policies and scoop rewards. The majority are left to suffer and be exploited.

Joseph Ko - Hongkongers are all aware of the "wicked people"... it isn't much of a foresight!

Philip Ho - No matter how bad it is, Hongkongers will soldier on against all the odds and we should take it [with] a pinch of salt.


On the possibility of future military training missions between the US and Vietnam:

Lau Hin Lau - Americans are real nuts. If they have read the history of Vietnam, they should feel ashamed to go to teach their former enemy. The Vietnamese had defended themselves against both French and US invasions in the last century.

Edwin Pun - Sounds typical of the usual arrogant attitude of the United States government! In their haste to stir up trouble in order to sell more arms and ammunition, they forget who their former enemies are.

Ellen Oi Lun Cheung - There are no such things as "permanent allies" and "permanent enemies" in the political world. The death toll of the Vietnam war means nothing now.