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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 20 March, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 20 March, 2013, 3:11am


On the government wondering what to do with the 16 tonnes of illegal ivory it has confiscated since 2008:

Mathew Gollop - Sell it and donate the proceeds to the elephant conservation effort. Seems pointless to not monetise it for good after the animals have already suffered.

Tracy Chung - Build a museum and use those tusks as art installations. Maybe then use admission/donation income for animal conservation.

Nils Holgersson - get local artists to do something nice out of them, build a museum and house those objects, entrance fees donated to elephant conservation funds … call it the elephant tusk museum.

Sophie Harley - I like the idea that the tusks could be used for a monument against poaching, but the reality is that they need to be burned. Ivory should have no monetary or artistic value. Using it in any kind of way is leaving the door open to poaching.


On allegations of political interference at RTHK:

Patrick Shu Wing Lee - Something must be done quickly to prove that press freedom has not been threatened. Editorial independence is essential for upholding democracy and other core values of Hong Kong. Journalists and camera crew should be well protected and respected so as to continue serving as watchdogs to expose injustice, corruption and maladministration.


On hopes that relations between Beijing and the Vatican will improve under the new pope:

Jessie Tong - Hope new pope can fix other outstanding matters too, like child abuse and cover-up by church authorities, and Vatican bank.

Marcus H. Langston - Why would the Vatican want to improve relations with China? Religious persecution, underground churches, idiot government, etc, I think they'd be happy to keep well out of the place.