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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 27 March, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 March, 2013, 3:09am

On the ruling by Hong Kong's top court against domestic helpers' right to permanent residency:

Jeffrey H. Tsoi - So, mainlanders can have a baby in Hong Kong, then they can stay. However, domestic helpers work legally in Hong Kong and can't. At least they are contributing to Hong Kong society.

Wingy Habibi - They aren't really living in Hong Kong continuously as their contracts are all on a two-year basis, then they are requested to leave HK for renewal of contracts. That's it.

Mumph LT - If they were white or rich then the result would have been different. Maybe they need to buy infant formula or handbags to get some attention.

Wookjin Jung - I am here in HK as a foreigner, we can't complain about the HK immigration policy because HK is the one to decide how to control the policy for demand and supply on the labour markets.

Fayadi Limpid - It is not racist. If Filipinos can graduate from reputable universities and get a white collar job here, then he/she can get permanent residency. An educated citizen will pay tax to the government.


On a possible screening system for election of the chief executive in 2017:

Lin Zheng - It is a wise decision, the best for Hong Kong (SAR), China. It will be wise for Beijing and Hong Kong to work on this political principle to safeguard the status quo and long-term stability of the city. The method to [put forward a] potential chief executive is nothing more than reasonable but [is] also to safeguard China's investments in Hong Kong and protect foreign interests from social instability.

Eunice Chiang - They just don't trust us being mature enough to choose a person, who, besides being patriotic, can also safeguard HK's core values.

Patrick Shu Wing Lee - No more "one country, two systems".