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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 03 April, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 03 April, 2013, 3:29am

On Beijing's warning to pan-democrats over possible mass protests:

Jose Allan Tan - Politicians like to criticise and use universal suffrage as the panacea to solve HK's problems. Talk is cheap. Come up with concrete plans that solve real problems that do not negatively impact the future and then tell us how universal suffrage links to that.

Sean Niem - Rosa Parks was considered a troublemaker … in 1955. It took nine years to get the Civil Rights Act signed after years of protests.

Ping Yuen Yu - The pan-democrats are hijacking HK people; not everyone likes universal suffrage. I don't like it right now! 10-20 years later, maybe.

Fayadi Limpid - I think economic growth, low inflation, universal housing, cheap medical care and world-class education are the main points. If you have democracy but can't deliver these then it is useless.

Patrick Siu - At the very least, democracy can teach us how to be responsible for ourselves, but now the problem is there are people out there deciding things for us without our consent.

Patrick Shu Wing Lee - It seems that both sides are playing poker games, and who knows which side has misjudged? Hong Kong will be the loser!


On the dock workers' dispute in Hong Kong:

Law Hin Lau - They should take a trip to the mainland to see container port operations in places like Nansha. There, business is booming whereas the Hong Kong container port operation is declining after most of the HK factories moved to the mainland.

Ida Ho - I thought the management must have been doing a lousy job when the workers think they need to get together and take [their] dissatisfaction to the public.