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AFCD failing distressed animals

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 13 April, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 13 April, 2013, 3:21am

Alex Lo's concerns regarding the callousness of the Agriculture Fisheries and Conservation Department staff is warranted (Animals need care, not bureaucracy, April 10).

Some years ago, after extreme rainstorms in Sai Kung, I found that a number of red-eared slider turtles had been washed through the drainage system into Sai Kung harbour. Using a large net, I recovered the creatures from the water and, whilst I recognised that they are an invasive species and not endangered, I felt that the best option was to deliver them to AFCD staff at the Lion's Nature Education Centre in Sai Kung.

On handing the creatures over to the AFCD staff, with an explanation as to where they had come from, it was disconcerting to witness the facial expressions and body language of these people. They appeared bemused that I would even be concerned with the animals' welfare and gave me the distinct impression that I was causing them extreme inconvenience by assuming they should take responsibility for distressed wildlife. I left with an uncomfortable feeling.

Recently, a friend informed me that his wife and daughter had found a baby owl on the road, which they had rescued and taken home. He asked if I knew whom to call to collect the bird or to whom his wife could take it. I recommended the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (due to my negative experience with the AFCD) but, by the time my recommendation had been passed on, the AFCD had already been called.

I learned that an AFCD crew turned up carrying a large pole with a loop on the end as well as gloves and other accessories with which to wrestle the 12 cm high creature into a cage. It took a while to convince them that such defensive measures were unnecessary but eventually the bird was unceremoniously taken away without a hint as to its fate.

It seems incongruous that this department's title should include the word "conservation".

Mark Ranson, Sai Kung


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BO (寶寶) may be a girl whom I sometimes call Barack Obama but it actually stands for Baby Owl.
While walking MBF a few years ago, a helper told me about bo she had seen hillside. I looked the other side and walked by. Then even this forgetful could recall stray cats and snakes around that location. I returned to find this tiny one, wrapped it up in my shirt which I took off, and took it along my usual route.
Too bad, that became BO’s only outdoor experience since moving in with us. I did let it out of cage to fly in the living room a few times. My helper whom I told to let it out to fly in a bathroom is more forgetful of this mission than I. She much prefers taking MBF out
I didn’t just presume BO’s relationship. After calling AFCD and SPCA, I tried Kadoorie but it only took injured wild animals. Like democracy, I’m a bad choice. But BO couldn’t choose. Even if BO could vote, it might, like HK, recognize that other choices are worse. I see democracy from the same perspective of Prof Alex Lo.
The unplanned arrangement has turned out to be what some would consider good geomancy, although I don’t care about feng shui. Right in the center of the balcony is a ginkgo tree, from a nut I planned many years ago. Looking out from the living room, I have two turtles in a tank on the right side and BO on the left.
Mr Tony Chan, should BO and ToTo switch side?
I'd do the opposite of what he counsels.


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