Job security makes for better workers

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 14 April, 2013, 1:52am
UPDATED : Sunday, 14 April, 2013, 2:15am


It is no surprise that people today are worried about their jobs ("Job security rates higher than pay for Hong Kong workers", April 7).

I have a friend who has been working for five years, but  still  has no long-term job security, and, every year,  has to look for  a new job. She is extremely desperate and frustrated, and she blames herself for her failure  to achieve long-term job security, despite the challenges of an unstable labour market.
Employers must not overlook the importance of offering employees long-term job security, as this allows employees to feel secure in their work and  makes them more willing to contribute  more time and effort  to their companies.

With greater job security, employees would be more eager to think of novel ideas  for enhancing the competitiveness of their companies in their field and in society.

Ultimately, this is beneficial to the companies and would greatly improve overall performance. Thus, offering long-term job security for employees could be viewed by companies as a  means to motivate  workers and increase productivity.  It is in fact more important than salary alone.

Salaries can always be increased when contracts are negotiated and renewed at the end of every contracted period. Although some may argue that a high salary could motivate  employees to work harder and put in extra hours, as well as compensating them  for their efforts during office hours, pay alone is no guarantee of satisfaction or fulfilment.  Even employees on a high salary might not truly contribute much to  a business they don't feel part of. It is time for all companies in Hong Kong to reflect on their recruitment policies  and to understand that Hong Kong jobseekers  are more concerned about the availability of, and being able to secure, long-term employment than just a satisfactory  income.

Cheung Wing Kwan, Chai Wan