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Occupy Central

Reform should evoke the spirit of 1997

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 20 April, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 20 April, 2013, 3:23am

The death of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher brought back memories of the marathon talks between China and Britain over the handover of Hong Kong that took place during her term in office. But also, more importantly, it reminded us that the willingness to find common ground through rational dialogue is always the key to success in resolving differences, a proven guiding principle that applies as much to international diplomacy as to local politics.

Without the good faith of both Beijing and London to settle their differences over Hong Kong's future at the negotiating table, the eventual conclusion of the Sino-British Joint Declaration, the Basic Law, and even the peaceful and orderly handover of Hong Kong in 1997, would not have been possible.

In my view, the present political gridlock in Hong Kong over the arrangements for the 2017 chief executive election is largely rooted in the uncompromising attitudes among the conflicting sides across our political spectrum.

The recent threat made by a few academics and politicians to paralyse Central, or the so-called Occupy Central action, is by no means a sensible option to facilitate a successful negotiation process.

Moreover, this tactic, once it has been implemented, will not be in the public interest because the majority of our law-abiding citizens are unlikely to approve of any politically motivated act that is intended to cause social disorder. I respect freedom of expression, but not at the expense of others, particularly as the reckless moves proposed are likely to cause a serious public nuisance.

There is no such thing as a perfect model when it comes to election arrangements.

However, I believe a model that can weave together the most widely accepted ideas and everyone's key concerns through the dynamic process of consensus building is a good one.

I am gravely concerned about the obstacles to our political reform process and how society might split further if those members of the Occupy Central movement remain stubbornly resistant to any other option and insist that their proposal is the only viable and acceptable one.

Hong Kong is now definitely at the crossroads in its constitutional development, and it is my sincere hope that all stakeholders can come to the negotiating table and show good faith in finding common ground under the framework of the Basic Law.

Priscilla Leung, legislative councillor


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the sun also rises
all stakeholders of the universal suffrage in 2017 should embrace our Basic Law which articles 26 and 39 state that we Hongkongers are allowed to enjoy the right to vote and run for office (to be voted).It is crystally clear ! No compromise at all and no imagination such as that nasty guy who keeps on tricking the righteous Comment writer: pflim040 who never fails to identify his tricks and ignore or delete them once and for all---------that idiotic hacker maybe the cheapest and the worst in the universe, I dare say ! ha ! ha !
the sun also rises
it is most Hongkongese's sincere hope that the Central authorities can keep its promise to let us have our geniune universal suffrage in 2017 and there won't be any so-called screening mechanism or a primary poll to get rid of any unwelcomed candidates from the pan-democrat camp where there are many potential guys qualified to be our next chief executive !
the sun also rises
to this rat-king Fun, of course the proposal of the 'Occupy Central' is never the only viable and workable one to our electoral reforms.In her eyes, only the instructions from the North are valuable and worthy.This good-for-nothing so-called professor of law really never respects the law and hasn't completely read or understand our Basic Law, especially articles 26 and 39 which both state that Hong Kong people enjoy the rights to vote and to run for office in a universal suffrage (which will be put into practice in 2017).How can the pan-democarts communicate with pro-establishment elements such as this Rat-king Fun who is too eager to please the Beijing authorities and focus on the speculation of local properties instead of studying the Basic Law to look for the parts related to our universal suffrage ? I wonder.
the sun also rises
Priscilla Leung is better known by her Chinese name:Leung Mei-fun which is not so well-liked or respected in town since she was said to be aided by the Liaison Office in her grabbing of her seat in the Legco in 2008 and again in 2012 though she defended herself by claiming that she had won the Legco seat by earning the votes one by one----only idiots will choose to believe her words ! Besides, during the period of heavy speculation of properties in town,this Leung Mei-fun was heavily involved in property speculations in whch she earned millions in Hong Kong dollars.Her so-called deputy head of City Univ.(where an exhibition centre of June 4th is located)'s Law Faculty is rumoured to be earned through relationship( kuanxi by Mainland term) too.How can such a poor-quality lawmaker persuade righteous and democracy-loving Hong Kong people to follow her line ? Definitely not !


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