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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 24 April, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 24 April, 2013, 3:14am


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On Indonesian and Filipino domestic helpers enjoying their Sunday off:

Yi Long - They deserve to find friends and enjoy themselves. They're hard-working, and extremely important to many people in Hong Kong when it comes to taking care of the elderly or children at an affordable price. It's always nice to see them having fun on the weekend, with a picnic or hiking or whatever.

Law Hin Lau - Funny, though both countries are not wealthy, yet their people are said to be the happiest compared with other countries. Perhaps, their living standard demands are not so high as ours.

Bea Geenen - It is one of the many things I like about Hong Kong - seeing the Filipino and Indonesian women take over the sidewalks of Central for a day of genuine human bonding, and seeing Hong Kong government gracefully allowing it. Other cities worldwide should take notice.

Boris Negrarosa - What strikes me are the enormous cultural differences between the Chinese and Filipinos. Geographically near each other but behaviour and mindsets are like night and day. Nothing in common really.


On part of Central waterfront being handed over to the PLA:

Stephen Chan - I'm expecting the waterfront to be developed as a Central Park for both recreation and relaxation. I hope the Hong Kong government can keep its promise, the hard-earned reclaimed land is only for public enjoyment of trees, vegetation and fresh air.

James Banbury - Frankly, there are other places to park your ships.

Winnie Wong - Wasn't that part of the waterfront always restricted public access when it was the British Army headquarters? Why the fuss now?

Yin Chi Chan - The British Navy eventually moved to Stonecutters Island. Now the PLA wants both sites.