Suit and tie rule for lawmakers

PUBLISHED : Monday, 13 May, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 13 May, 2013, 1:52am


Having lived in Hong Kong for over 27 years, I have always been keen to follow the political issues and changes of this great city.

I am surprised and appalled to see how certain lawmakers are dressed during Legislative Council meetings.

A Legco session is a solemn occasion where lawmakers get together and discuss urgent and imminent topics in a respectful and honoured manner - to listen and receive opinions from others on different discussion topics and not shout and insult colleagues with nasty and childish remarks.

Representing the city of Hong Kong is a proud appointment. Therefore, certain lawmakers should have the dignity to show respect towards others and present themselves with pride and honour in a decent outfit.

Legco meetings are not gatherings like going to a bar in Wan Chai.

Think of high-ranking and respectable professionals and executives of various professions going to work with "Che Guevara" T-shirts and colourful jackets like those worn by one lawmaker.

Proper dress code was observed before the handover for Legco sessions. Are the lawmakers less serious and proud of their appointments to the council nowadays?

What message are we sending to our generation of ambitious and hard-working young people as well as to those who would like to represent Hong Kong on the political stage in the future?

Listening to all the debates and filibustering from improperly attired lawmakers and the way they are presenting themselves with their constant vulgar behaviour in the Legco chamber makes a laughing stock out of Hong Kong.

Everywhere around the world, people are properly and decently dressed when they have to present themselves in a legislature. Here in Hong Kong, they are allowed to dress themselves any way they want.

This shows a lack of respect to their Legco appointment and the public. Shame to these members who are not able to show some decency in presenting the city of Hong Kong respectfully.

I strongly suggest the president of Legco should enforce a proper dress code for lawmakers attending Legco, and ban "Che Guevera" T-shirts and colourful jackets.

So, please, Hong Kong government, jackets and ties are definitely required.

Daniel Wettling, Discovery Bay