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Leung Chun-ying

Response shows US delegation's value

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 23 June, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Sunday, 23 June, 2013, 4:18am

Philip Bowring's article ("Limits of Chinese parochialism", June 16) questioned the value of the chief executive's trip to New York last week.

We do not agree that the chief executive "carries no weight and saw no one of significance" and that "time and effort would have been far better spent building Hong Kong's relations with its neighbours".

Hong Kong has strong economic ties with the US, which is our second-largest trading partner, after the mainland.

Last year, the total value of our bilateral trade reached almost HK$543 billion. The US is also our second-largest export market and fifth-largest source of imports.

It was therefore important for the chief executive to embark on this trip to promote trade and maintain a strong economic partnership with the US business community. Hong Kong businesses recognised the importance of this visit. Hence, over 200 leading businessmen joined the delegation, including around 40 from Guangdong.

Contrary to Bowring's suggestion, during this trip the chief executive met different political leaders, financial heavyweights and top-level international business leaders, including the mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg; the co-chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations and former secretary of the Treasury, Robert Rubin; the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, William Dudley; the chief executive officer of the New York Stock Exchange, Duncan Niederauer; Rupert Murdoch from the media sector; Jerry Speyer from the real estate sector; and the top management of some global investment banks.

The chief executive was also the guest of honour at the Hong Kong Trade Development Council's trade promotion events, which more than 1,000 people attended. Such huge attendance demonstrates that the US business community attaches great importance to Hong Kong.

Nick Au Yeung, assistant director (media), Chief Executive's Office


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I suppose the trip adds to Edward Yau's frequent flyer points. During his 60 months at ENB he went overseas 59 times hence the state of our air and lack of constructive action against polluting ocean shipping, failure to ban hi sulfur bunker fuel , no Emissions Control Area mandated and other pollution sources left rampant. Failure to legislate source separation of waste etc and Yau still has a highly paid office manager job instead of being charged with Misconduct in Public Office.
Since the CE met Mayor Bloomberg hopefully he learned something, such as the fact that New York City has specifically excluded incineration from its proposed waste treatment plans and New York City has the highest tobacco tax in America. Obviously Mayor Bloomberg cares about New Yorkers' health, a constructive hint that needs to pass to CY Leung.
This letter only serves to highlight what a waste of time and taxpayer money this trip was. What is the total cost including the prelim trips to make arrangements? Did CY follow Donald's lead in booking a presidential suite?
The CE really has no business traveling at all other than to Beijing to get his orders and to our neighbors in Asia to maintain a dialogue on issues of mutual interest. Promoting trade?? The private sector is more than capable of fulfilling this role.
Regarding the comment on Edward Yau, in other cities he would be on the street or facing prosecution but in HK he just gets another plum (and overpaid) position.
All rather pointless during the week that the United States was caught with its trousers down using their security services and communications giants to cheat and spy on the rest of the world's big business secrets. Would you like a record of C.Y.'s phone conversations during the whole time he was there? Send a stamped, addressed envelope to the NSA They will send it a brown paper envelope....................... no-one will know!
A good rebuttal from CY Leung’s office. His meeting with Bloomberg has an added value over otherwise a promotional trip in trade. The meeting I sincerely hope sets more working meetings to come for learning an array of city issues ranging from control of air pollution, waste and affordable housing. Hong Kong may also want to emulate New York City’s waterfront development for recreation and also its economically self-supporting cultural and tourism industry. Even the Central Park is ecoomically self-supporting. It is paramount too to learn the variety of schools that the city supports for the talented.
The caption for the article has missed the significance of NY City which is much more than any other US city. It should have been " Response shows NYC delegation's value".
Bloomberg Plan Aims to Require Food Composting
Anticipating sharp growth in food recycling, the administration will also seek proposals within the next 12 months for a company to build a plant in the New York region to process residents’ food waste into biogas, which would be used to generate electricity.
“This is going to be really transformative,” Mr. Holloway said. “You want to get on a trajectory where you’re not sending anything to landfills.”
The residential program will initially work on a voluntary basis, but officials predict that within a few years, it will be mandatory. New Yorkers who do not separate their food scraps could be subject to fines, just as they are currently if they do not recycle plastic, paper or metal.
Sanitation officials said 150,000 single-family homes would be on board voluntarily by next year, in addition to more than 100 high-rise buildings — more than 5 percent of the households in the city. More than 600 schools will take part as well.
The program should expand to the entire city by 2015 or 2016, the sanitation officials said.
Under the program, residents collect food waste — like stale bread, chicken bones and potato peels The contents are then deposited in larger brown bins on the curb for pickup by sanitation trucks
Residents of apartment buildings dump pails of food ......
They all fly First Class. Zuji.com lists American Airlines flight at HKD 85k so there are at least three of them shown in the pic. Cost depends on the size of the entourage - no doubt even the gophers get Business Class at HKD55k each. I suppose Long Hair will greet him with a 'Big Apple' when he returns.


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