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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 03 July, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 03 July, 2013, 4:52am

On health minister saying the Hospital Authority has made modest progress in the past 12 months:

Patrick Shu Wing Lee - Progress made by Hospital Authority is not enough. There is lots of room for improvement in various areas. There must be a fairer distribution of resources among hospitals and manpower. The health minister worked in the Hospital Authority for many years and he should know where the problems are.

Bob Howe - Progress, what progress? I had to wait nine months to see a doctor for a debilitating kidney stone attack! And that was just for an initial consultation not the actual operation.

Bharwani Hello - Maybe he can tell us why there are 30-odd parking places for the visitors at Queen Mary and more than 400 for staff? Is the hospital for the benefit of patients or to provide perks to the staff?

Marcus H. Langston - Why do these people think they are still at school and have to have a report card? It is childish and means nothing unless it is issued by an independent assessor.

On Russell Street, in Causeway Bay, being more expensive than New York's Fifth Avenue:

Robert S C Kemp - That's the way it should be. More money in this part of the world than NY.

Paul Lebrun - These tenants shut up and laugh all the way to the bank, but when the economy dives, they bitch at the government for not rescuing them.

Glen Warren - Can't wait for the bubble to burst.

Trevor Li Chan - Is there under- or oversupply in this market? Is it because there is too much demand? Maybe there have to be some changes in policy to create more balance and allow people an opportunity to live in a reasonably priced, high- quality residence.