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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 10 July, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 10 July, 2013, 4:01am

On McDonald's being forced out of Russell Street, because of high rents:

Dawn Alba Nicolas - I lived in Paterson Street when I was little and I remember eating at [Hong Kong's] first McDonald's branch (which is now the HSBC Express Banking) after school. Brings back so many happy childhood memories.

Yi Long - McD HK: Nice prices, mixed quality. They don't offer [packets of] mayonnaise, they often undercook their fries so they are not crispy, they don't put enough sauce on many burgers, and at McCafe even their Double Chocolate is far too milky. That said, great value for money, and when they do get it right, I love eating there.

Lois Meyer Voeltz - What a day it was when McDonalds came to Hong Kong! Remember it like yesterday.

Patrick Shu Wing Lee - High rents damaging businesses especially small ones. It is not good for Hong Kong in the long run. This problem, plus housing, employment, medical and social care add fuel to the fire, thus ruining harmony and stability.


On calls to double the number of hotel rooms in Hong Kong in the next 10 years:

Kelvin Ng - HK is such a small place it is just impossible to squeeze in 100 per cent more tourists. Much better to develop other so-called pillar [industries] than further aggravating the already congested and crowded conditions at the tourist spots and our city centre. After all, hotel operators, restaurant owners, watch sellers do not own HK - HK belongs to all HK people.

Fianne Lee - We would need to double number of MTR trains, buses, restaurants, parks, roads… everything! Sometimes I can't even move because of these "tourists" and their belongings which they put in the middle of the pavement along with their children. I've got one word for our government: infrastructure.