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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 04 September, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 04 September, 2013, 3:05am


On prices in subdivided flats rising by 20 per cent:

Robert S C Kemp - The big problem with these flats is fire safety. Like London, people come to Hong Kong to try their luck. They just need a place to sleep. I lived in a box room in Leyton when I first moved to London from the provinces. It was also very expensive for what it was.

Mike Brooks - HK landlords in their short-term greed are actually killing the golden goose that lays their eggs but they don't care. They can sit on their properties for years. It doesn't matter if Hong Kong loses all its heritage, it's all about property; more luxury flats but nothing of interest to see in the city, just a place to park money. As for liveability for the majority - out the window

Sienna Lai - Soon we'll be stacking the bed space in a chest of drawers!

Mark Chan - There are those recent migrants and locals. The fact is we are not providing enough jobs of enough variety for all demographics; and the high private housing [cost] and poor government rental/subsidised housing arrangements are not helping. Hate to say it, Singapore is looking to be the role model for Hong Kong to follow.


On the Bo Xilai trial and its aftermath:

Patrick Shu Wing Lee - There are still many corrupt officials at large. It is no wonder that a lot of dirty money has gone to the casinos or relatives settled overseas. Can we rely on President Xi to clean up all these and have a corrupt-free China?

Law Hin Lau - In Chinese, we say "One chicken dies, another chicken will crow". Corruption is part of Chinese culture. Bo's case is only the tip of an iceberg.