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British bias shows in colonial tussle

PUBLISHED : Friday, 06 September, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 06 September, 2013, 3:29am

I read with interest the article in PostMagazine, by Stephen Moss, of The Guardian ("Rock in a hard place", September 1).

Regrettably it showed a bias towards the British points of view on the Gibraltar issue, completely ignoring the Spanish outlook.

The position of the Spanish government was reflected in an article by José Manuel García Margallo, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Co-operation of Spain, which appeared in the Wall Street Journal on August 19 ("We need to talk about Gibraltar").

He said, firstly, Gibraltar is the only colonial remnant within the European Union. In accordance with the Resolutions 2353 and 2429 of the UN General Assembly, the UK must put an end to a colonial situation that runs counter to the UN Charter's principles and purposes, and restore Spain's territorial integrity.

Secondly, the UN has stressed that the controversies on sovereignty over Gibraltar must be solved through bilateral talks between the Spanish and the British governments. In this sense, the Spanish government has urged its British counterpart to resume the stalled negotiations without preconditions.

Thirdly, besides its anachronistic colonial status, the tensions on Gibraltar have deteriorated because of the measures taken by the British government and the Gibraltarian local authorities in breach of their obligations, such as the dumping of concrete blocks into Spanish territorial waters - against any basic environmental consideration; the lack of co-operation in fighting transborder smuggling, and the establishment of a fiscal regime that encourages the worst modalities of opacity and tax evasion.

Fourthly, Spain is ready to resume the dialogue with the British government on the issue of sovereignty, and it is open to enhance a dialogue that includes both the Gibraltar local authorities and the Andalusian regional government on matters relating to the welfare and needs of the populations across the fence.

To sum up, Spain and the UK are friends and partners in the EU. Unfortunately, the British attitudes towards Gibraltar are not consistent with this spirit of friendship. Spain is ready for dialogue, and considers that it should resume at the earliest.

Juan Manuel López-Nadal, consul-general of Spain in Hong Kong


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The Spanish Government have rattled their sword over Gibraltar, however they seem to forget the enclaves in North Africa, they are now rattling their swords at Portugal now over some islands that they wish to re-assign to being rocks so that Portuguese territorial waters are reduced and then the Spanish fishing vessels can go in and decimate the fish stocks. We should also take into consideration the areas of the Spanish mainland that have been fighting for self-autonomy (Catalan for example), they have been fighting for this for years and yet the Government wont enter into meaningful discussion with them.
We have heard King Juan Carlos state - "Gibraltar should remain British' It appears that the Government doesnt even listen to their own King.
Over the past period, since the restrictions have been placed on the crossing at Gibraltar there has been numerous accusations of 'Police Brutality' on people crossing over the border, though these cant as yet be confirmed as true it begs questioning when some of these reports are being passed by other nationals (Not British or Gibraltarian) Some of these reports are also being told by Spanish nationals.
On a final note, the headland of Gibraltar was signed over to Britain, it was not a lease hold or anything but was signed over for 'ever' unlike Hong kong with was leased on 99 yhars and covered the New territories, in effect the whole of Hong kong was returned. Sir, you need to
review the facts and move on
It is very surprising to read a letter with such glaring inaccuracies as that published by Juan Manuel López-Nadal, the Spanish Consulate. It appears that the Consulate is joining the long list of sabre ratting officials that are in dispute with the population of Gibraltar, a population that has undertaken free election that gave a 99 pct return to remain British.
With the economic problems presently besetting Spain, the corruption that appears to be touching the inner most sanctums of various Government departments this is nothing more than a way to deflect it away from these problems.
Spain itself has placed a vast amount of similar concrete blocks around the coastline of Spain, these blocks were placed much the same as Gibraltar to provide ecological protection to the marine line. It has already been stated by various Spanish ministers through slips of the tongue that the waters in question belong to Gibraltar and are not in fact Spanish.
The smuggling, if any, is being undertaken by locals from the town of La linea, the problem has been created by the Spanish Government through bringing their country into bankruptcy and thus the umemployment rate is over 27pct.
A recent meeting took place in La Linea of business people with the aim of attempting to bring their town into the umbrella of Gibraltar to gain some of their wealth, a type of free tax port which shows their forward thinking.
Dai Muff
Interesting, a whole letter on European colonialism that forgets about Ceuta and Melilla. One might question just who is showing bias.
Juan is always around with the begging bowl and gives nothing in return but headaches with their cheating and lying. They go around the UN saying territories that belong to other nations are theirs, they made a false representation at the European Court of Justice saying Gibraltar waters were theirs because they did not tick the box to say that those waters were British, and waste everybody’s time when things have to be put right. The dunces of Europe who think they own the world.
Waaahh - Order of the White Elephant
Juan's just doing his job as he sees it
History says they now need to add to the depleted Spanish list :
First Spain should sort out the Costa del fish n'chips & Costa del Crime
Actually Hong Kong Chinese developers are pressing Spain to act - they say they can blow up the Rock in less than a year, dump it in the sea, build high price property & casinos on the reclamation with black money & SpanGiblet then becomes the Macau of Europe.
Not unsurprisingly the consul-general of Spain in Hong Kong fails to mention the most important issue about Gibraltar, its people. In 2002 a referendum held in Gibraltar with an 87% turnout showed that 99.6% of Gibraltarians want nothing to do with Spain politically. Today Gibraltar is self-governing and certainly NOT a 'colony' and the people have no intention of being colonised by Spain, a country which treats its citizens poorly and is presently demonising the Gibraltarians in the media on an unprecedented scale and leaving no stone unturned to be nasty to us by causing six hour queues at the frontier. Gibraltar and Spain are part of the EU and Spain undertook to operate the border normally and has failed. Sr Lopez is also telling lies about the concrete blocks which are adjacent to our coastline and within British Gibraltar Territorial Waters - see UNCLOS(82) - and are there to protect the environment in the same way Spain has placed over 300 similar blocks in the adjacent sea and all are approved by Spanish environmental groups. Gibraltar is being used as a distraction against the corruption scandal in Madrid and Gibraltarians abused. Shame on Spain.
The spaniards forget to say that the King of Spain that figure of democracy, has said that it is not in spain’s interest for Gibraltar to be returned to Spain given the implications with Ceuta and Melilla. Spain has many territories scattered around Northern Africa, and if they didn’t return these it could well be the start of hostilities from Arab nations. The prisoners of the Muslim Brotherhood recently stated that they are claiming Andalucia (a southern region of Spain which was Arabic for 700 years), and the King of Morocco for the first time has claimed Ceuta and Melilla. So if the Spaniards want to start world war 3 with the obsession of getting Gibraltar (which has been British for longer than a century than it was spanish) we should start preparing our bunkers and shelters.
History Lesson 1:
Spanish colonies: generally utter basket cases with chaos as the norm.
Brit colonies: generally successful with good governance systems in place.
And what can you learn from the comments so far Juan? I wonder if your ambassador in Manila would try to so publicly play the victim card? Could you please write another letter to withdraw the one above? You could be honest and say that Spain was distracted and lost Gibraltar because too much attention was being paid to colonizing/subjugating/exploiting/robbing/murdering/enslaving/... countries such as the Philippines, Mexico, Cuba, etc etc etc. but now you want it back.
@ "British bias shows in colonial tussle"
Sorry but Gibraltar is NOT the only colonial remnant within the European Union. You forgot to mention the British sovereign bases on Cyprus, which the British use to spy on their allies in Europe as well as for launching unlawful attacks on the peoples of Middle-Eastern nations.
The Cypriots want their land back but the ex-colonial power refuses to give it back.




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