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Transport officials must take heads out of sand

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 05 March, 2014, 4:12am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 05 March, 2014, 4:12am

Concerning congestion and related roadside pollution, our government appears to copy the ostrich.

It is projected that the number of mainland visitors will grow massively and, at the same time, the Planning Department is looking at raising urban plot ratios for redevelopment by 20 per cent ("Planners look to cram in even more people", February 19).

We are getting bad international media attention, because the increasing number of private cars is making it more difficult to cut pollution levels.

I was therefore gobsmacked to read the report ("Tunnel drivers face three more years of jams", February 19).

Our transport officials are making us a laughing stock. We have spent a lot of taxpayers' dollars on getting a professional consultant's report, which came to the same conclusions that any thinking citizen could have given in five minutes. However, our transport officials still delay in order to reach a consensus. Adjusting tunnel fees is not rocket science. Have our bureaucrats never heard of management by trial and error? By progressively raising the fees for private cars at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, we would soon arrive at the optimum throughput level.

Fudging until 2017 is unbelievable. Though road pricing schemes first crossed transport officials' desks in the 1970s, only now are we being promised "consideration" of a pilot scheme. I note that this is not a decision but just a "consideration", probably to have a consultation in order to reach a consensus.

Bureaucrats should realise that there is a growing frustration within this city at the ever-increasing levels of congestion, and our public transport system is already exhibiting stress and strain. Transport officials appear in gridlock and need to take their heads out of the sand.

P. C. Law, Quarry Bay


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Cross Harbour tunnel can get the flow a lot better by 1) only 2 auto toll lanes and no more manual paying. You then do not rip two approaching lanes open into 8 lanes which then have to merge again afterwards (from Kowloon approach). If you do not believe me take a funnel with two exits, two pipes and 100 marbles. throw the marbles in from two approaching pipes and see how long it takes to pass. Now take 4 pipes, two which hold 50 marbles each. connect both filled pipes with the empty pipes and let them pass trough. Guess which goes MUCH quicker. At Hong Kong side approach do not wait with merging cars till last moment where we have 3 lanes from central to merge with one lane from Wan Chai PLUS a bus lane with public transport AND tourist buses from SPCA area Followed 100 meters further with a lane from Happy Valley. The 3 lane approach from Central should be brought back to a 2 lane max and tourist buses should not be allowed to use the SPCA route, only public transport buses should. Tourist buses are commercial business so if you allow them you should aso allow trucks etc. Coming out at Kowloon side again not a split into 8 lanes but just two auto toll lanes. As for motorcycle's there should be a solution to implement auto toll for them as well. By the way if CHT is not willing to implement mandatory auto toll at least reduce the paid toll lanes to maximum two and give some service to your most frequent customers who hold a HK$ 500 deposit with you
Agreed, make autotoll compulsory and give no privilege to the tourist buses. But don't expect any of that to happen, because it's much easier to do nothing and hide away.
Heads in the Sand? They have no heads...
Fudging to 2017 means fudging until a new govt. is in place so the current govt. will be doing nothing. Business as usual for the HK SAR.


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