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PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 16 July, 2014, 4:37am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 16 July, 2014, 4:37am

On a political scientist saying HK is becoming "ungovernable":

Bendey Chik - Still fixated on the concept of "governing", perhaps things will get better if politicians start thinking about "serving" instead!

Daniel Kurz - Perhaps these "political scientists" fail to see what "freedom" looks like.

Calvin Chu - HK people need to let Beijing know that as long as our rights will not be taken away and that people can get affordable housing, everybody will be happy.

Joe Suen - Human nature, self interest for political greed still applies to politicians, their lust to keep power always comes first while looking out for the common person ranks pretty low on the list.

Kofi Time - First thing, dissolve Legco, bring in a governor from Beijing. Introduce an internal security act.

Ian Morley - It is governable if the elites listen to the people, and act on their opinion.

James Chou - Scrap functional constituencies in Legco.


On the claim Hong Kong activists born after 1980 are rejecting the old ways of protest:

Michael Rodrigues - The spirit is praiseworthy but action deplorable when they resort to force. They have been misled.

Margie Tam - Methods of protest have been evolving with time. It is a natural phenomenon.

Ailen Victoriano - I salute them...stand for what you think is right.

Cory Pchajek - Their methods are atrocious and completely ineffective.

Arc Shin - They only care about independence. Have they come up with alternative solutions for bridging the wealth gap? Did they offer ideas to deal with housing issues?

Ayoob Ebrahim - These young people find it hard to adapt. Global recession brings about economic and social problems, these young people cannot see clearly what their future will be and become frustrated.