Should Hong Kong's legislature approve a HK$100m donation to Sichuan earthquake victims?

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 April, 2013, 7:22am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 April, 2013, 7:22am

  • Yes 1
  • Yes but with conditions to prevent misuse 8
  • No 91
  • Yes
  • Yes but with conditions to prevent misuse
  • No


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Hong Kong people should give their regards to the earthquake's victims by delivering the donations , as we are indeed running the same type of blood, but conditions must be applied to prevent the big sheep to make our efforts into ruin ...
NO. Not to the government at the very least. I do not trust provincial governments and I don't think I will for many years to come. I'm not going to feed the dirty habits of these greedy officials and if CY plans to donate money for the cause, he better donate it through a charitable organization that the provincial government won't stick their nose in!
Moreover, Beijing has got the money, they can fix it. Its the provincial governments fault if they can't fix this themselves!
"the polls is well-designed indeed !"

Have you ever taken a statistics class? Because you're talking complete rubbish! It's not a scientific poll. You're a totally mindless babbling parrot. It's really tiring seeing you post under your 100 usernames. You don't even understand democracy since you think democracy is not allowing any form of opposing voice since you support shouting down and suppressing the Pro Beijing side just as much as you claim the Pro Beijing side does the same back.
It will take 100 years for Mainland China to clean up their acts of greed and corruption. The China poor and needy suffer, with or without our donation. If we donate, it can bring some measure of reliefs to them. Let us not punish those stricken by the disaster, they need us. Let the Chinese anti-corruption agencies deal with their own corrupted kinds.
We are not better than those corrupted Chinese, by withholding our donation.
I'm all for donating money to help those in need but as others have mentioned but as others have stated, I'm not for supporting the Party.
Give to a credible charitable organization if you find it in your heart to help.
Donations should be on personal capacity. Besides, BeiJing is extremely wealthy.
Hong Kong is a subset of China. The head of Hong Kong can call him/herself Chief Executive, President, Chancellor, Premier, Prime Minister or even King or Queen of Hong Kong, but in Chinese Mandarin, the title is just same as Governor. As they say, you can call whatever your want in International English, but Chinese Mandarin takes priority in govt negotiations. HK and Macau needs BeiJing more than the other way around.
Lion Rocker
This is not a "gift" and especially not to corrupt officials. It's a charity donation for the needy. Ever heard the saying: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me"?
lol don't donate
Why set condition at all when the corrupted officials will ignore? What can HK government do? Ask for money back? Just say no donation. China is not short of money.
This poll only represents english speakers... so convenient for them to withhold money and claim corruption. Could be that the journalists bribe people to claim the money is going the wrong way. I don't care if they demolish a school built out of HK funding, you don't give gifts and dictate terms.