Should Hong Kong's legislature approve a HK$100m donation to Sichuan earthquake victims?

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 23 April, 2013, 7:22am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 April, 2013, 7:22am

  • Yes 1
  • Yes but with conditions to prevent misuse 8
  • No 91
  • Yes
  • Yes but with conditions to prevent misuse
  • No


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whoever designed the polls on should be fired. such incompetence.
SCMP - some simple tips to get up to at least a professional standard.
1) don't show the results to readers who have yet to vote. displaying the answers will influence their vote.
2) show the sample size. at least that way, we know how skewed the results may be due to a small sample size.
come on SCMP! you're better than this. i hate to see such a venerable HK institution produce such utter c rap. get the basics right!
the sun also rises
the polls is well-designed indeed ! it obviously reflects the mind-sets of most Hongkongers at the present moment who well know the serious corruption on Mainland and fear that most of our HK$100 millions donation proposed by C.Y. will never reach the victims of Sichuan's earthquake just like last time's Min Chuan earthquake ! Right ? Instead the huge sum of our donation (the tax-payers' money) will end up in the pockets of corrupted cadre officials !
the sun also rises
yeah,we have to be cautious on our huge sums of money donated to the aid of the earthquake compatriots in Sichuan since last time (five years ago,after the Min Chuan quake,it was learnt that quite a lot of donation had fallen into the pockets of corrupted cadre officials instead of giving to the victims or buying needed materials to them. Leung said that it is 'love and care for compatriots' yet he omits that the corruption across the border is rampant !
Give it all to Jackie Chan.
It will take 100 years for Mainland China to clean up their acts of greed and corruption. The China poor and needy suffer, with or without our donation. If we donate, it can bring some measure of reliefs to them. Let us not punish those stricken by the disaster, they need us. Let the Chinese anti-corruption agencies deal with their own corrupted kinds.
We are not better than those corrupted Chinese, by withholding our donation.
lol don't donate
Why set condition at all when the corrupted officials will ignore? What can HK government do? Ask for money back? Just say no donation. China is not short of money.
Your donations to China would very likely become
luxurious watches for CCP leaders
gratuity to CCP prostitutes
shopping trips to Hong Kong and Macau
expensive cars for CCP leaders
military funding for oppressing the masses
bullets aimed at your heads
fifty-cent payments for the 50 Cent Party
extravagant estates for bureaucrats
jailing costs for prisoners of conscience
expenses for silencing victims and their families
wages for city enforcers
local CCP factions' expenditure
What kind of idiot would say we should not donate?? I'm not even Chinese and O believe we must help out! People are hurt and the HK government will most likely do a better job of delivering it. I would rather my tax money went to helping people who are hurt or lost their homes than go to people milking welfare.
If it was you hurt you would want someone to come to your rescue.