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  1. News - World - PALAEONTOLOGY

    As a wide as a small plane: fossil bird with 6.4 metre wingspan unearthed

    Posted Jul 08th 2014, 10:47pm by AFP

    ... as pelagornithids, which disappeared about 2.5 million years ago. These ancient birds were "remarkably efficient fliers" that were found across all seven continents, making "the cause ...

  2. News - World - PALAEONTOLOGY

    Ancient fossil, Archicebus achilles, key link in chain leading to apes, man

    Posted Jun 07th 2013, 12:00am by McClatchy-Tribune

    ... McClatchy-Tribune in Los Angeles Mouse-sized creature that roamed what’s now China offers clues to evolutionary step Ancient primate crucial link to man A 55-million-year-old fossil ... of Archicebus - derived from Latin and Greek for "ancient monkey" - helps make the case that primates first arose in Asia, soon after the extinction of the dinosaurs about 66 million years ...

  3. News - World - PALAEONTOLOGY

    Fossil of microbes may be oldest complete specimen ever found

    Posted Nov 15th 2013, 04:00am by AP

    ... an ancestor of ours, researchers said. This tiny fossilised mat, about 8mm thick, would be about 300 million years older than previous complete ancient fossils and about the same age as less complete ... that the microscopic features fit with what science knows about ancient life. If you had walked the Australian beaches of 3.5 billion years ago, you would see this "slimy mass of purple or brown fibres ...

  4. News - World - PALAEONTOLOGY

    Interbreeding and incest common among early humans, says study

    Posted Dec 19th 2013, 11:56pm by AFP

    ... to use ancient DNA to trace the human odyssey. In a study published in the journal Nature on Wednesday, a team reports that the bone adds hugely to genetic knowledge of our cousins, ...

  5. Lifestyle - Technology - PALAEONTOLOGY

    Palaeontologists uncover earliest known complete nervous system

    Posted Oct 20th 2013, 05:26am by AFP

    ... the scientists said. The find was imaged in 3D with a computed tomography (CT) scanner to help other researchers compare it against modern and ancient species. The creature had an elongated segmented ...

  6. News - World - PALAEONTOLOGY

    Fossil of 46 million-year-old mosquito found to still have bellyful of blood

    Posted Oct 16th 2013, 12:00am by AFP

    ... said the blood in the Montana specimen might have been from a bird, since the ancient mosquito resembles a modern one from the genus Culicidae, which likes to feed on bird blood. But that would ...

  7. News - World - PALAEONTOLOGY

    Earlier bird steals Archaeopteryx's worm

    Posted May 31st 2013, 12:00am by GUARDIAN

    ... was not an ancient ancestor of modern birds after all. The latest study overturns that claim, and returns Archaeopteryx to the avian lineage. "This work makes Archaeopteryx a bird again, and given ...

  8. News - World - PALAEONTOLOGY

    Fossilised 'bug' had complex brain long before scientists thought possible

    Posted Oct 12th 2012, 12:00am by Agence France-Presse in Paris

    ... today's bugs instead with another arthropod line that includes crabs and shrimp. "In principle, Fuxianhuia's is a very modern brain in an ancient animal," added Strausfeld. "It ...



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