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  1. News - World - SCIENCE

    Ancient Scottish fish first to have sex, and sideways too, fossil find shows

    Posted Oct 20th 2014, 10:00pm by Reuters

    ... Reuters in London Ancient Scottish fish first to have sex Scientists studying fossils have discovered that the intimate act of sexual intercourse used by humans was pioneered by an ancient ... they suggested much more could be learned from the fossil fish. Long, whose study was published in the journal Nature on Sunday, discovered the ancient fishes' mating abilities when he stumbled ...

  2. News - World - SCIENCE

    Humans mated with Neanderthals 50,000 years ago

    Posted Oct 23rd 2014, 10:07pm by GDN

    ... The Guardian Chance discovery of ancient leg bone enables scientists to determine when early humans first mated with extinct cousins, the Neanderthals Humans interbred 50,000 years ago An ancient leg bone found on the bank of a Siberian river has helped scientists work out when early humans interbred with the Neanderthals. A local ivory carver spotted the bone sticking out ...

  3. News - World - SCIENCE

    Powerful volcanoes raise new questions about ancient Mars

    Posted Oct 03rd 2013, 11:51am by Reuters in Houston

    ... Reuters in Houston Scientists believe Mars was more Earth-like in its early years Ancient Mars was home to giant volcanoes capable of eruptions a thousand times more powerful than the one ... known as “caldera” volcanoes, are ancient, collapsed structures rather than steep, cone-shaped or domed mountains like Olympus Mons on Mars, a so-called shield volcano that stands nearly three ...

  4. News - China - SCIENCE

    Ancient man afflicted by rare hole-in-the-head disease

    Posted Mar 30th 2013, 12:00am by STEPHEN CHEN

    ... Stephen Chen binglin.chen@scmp.com Ancient man afflicted by rare hole-in-head disease Some medical ailments considered very rare today may have been much more common among early humans in China more than 100,000 years ago - so common that they may have contributed to their extinction and replacement by modern Chinese, according to a study by Chinese paleoanthropologists. One ...

  5. News - World - SCIENCE

    Nasa probe discovers gravel from ancient stream bed on Mars

    Posted Sep 28th 2012, 12:37pm by Agence France-Presse

    ... Agence France-Presse Scientists find more evidence of water on the Red Planet Nasa’s Mars rover has discovered gravel once carried by the waters of an ancient stream that “ran vigorously” ... gravel has been discovered. The rocky Hottah outcrop looks “like someone jack-hammered up a slab of city sidewalk, but it’s really a tilted block of an ancient stream bed,” project scientist John ...

  6. News - World - SCIENCE

    Mystery of how sperm find eggs solved with discovery of protein receptors

    Posted Apr 17th 2014, 09:30pm by Reuters

    ... This protein, dubbed Juno in honour of the ancient Roman goddess of fertility and marriage, and its counterpart in sperm, named Izumo after a Japanese marriage shrine, are essential for reproduction ...

  7. News - World - SCIENCE

    Giant pandas found to have sweet tooth, suggesting they once ate more than bamboo

    Posted Mar 28th 2014, 11:13pm by Reuters

    ... water, especially fructose and sucrose. The researchers then did the same tests with five artificial sweeteners, but the pandas were far less interested in those. "Giant pandas' ancient ...

  8. News - World - SCIENCE

    Scientists find 400,000-year-old DNA clue to human origins

    Posted Dec 05th 2013, 10:41pm by NYT

    ... in the journal Nature, scientists reported on Wednesday that they had retrieved ancient human DNA from a fossil dating back about 400,000 years, shattering the previous record of 100,000 years. ... for example, that there are many extinct human populations that scientists have yet to discover. They might have interbred, swapping DNA. Scientists hope that further studies of extremely ancient human ...

  9. News - World - SCIENCE

    Scientists identify a tiny piece of zircon that is 4.4b years old

    Posted Feb 24th 2014, 09:57pm by Reuters

    ... for the ancient Greek god of the underworld Hades because of hellish conditions including meteorite bombardment and an initially molten surface. The discovery that the zircon crystal, and thereby ...

  10. News - World - SCIENCE

    DNA of 7,000-year-old European reveals he had blue eyes

    Posted Jan 27th 2014, 11:11pm by GDN

    ... into Europe from the Middle East. The timing fitted with ancient artefacts found at the site, including perforated reindeer teeth that were strung and hung from the people's clothing. ... of the hunter-gatherer to those of modern Europeans from different regions. They found that the ancient DNA most closely matched the genetic make-up of people living in northern Europe, in particular Sweden ...




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