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  1. Lifestyle - Technology - ARCHAEOLOGY

    Ancient Roman ingredients still seen on modern-day menus in Rome

    Posted Nov 16th 2014, 06:05am by AP

    ... their discoveries, including gnawed-on fish bones and goose-egg shells that were possibly ancient delicacies for the elite. Much of what the inhabitants ate was local. Archaeologists noted that some types of mollusc shells found in the sewers of Herculaneum came from the ancient town's beach. Notable exceptions include grain, which was likely imported from Egypt; dates from the Middle East ...

  2. Lifestyle - Technology - ARCHAEOLOGY

    Carbon dating establishes timeline for first Egyptian pharaohs

    Posted Sep 08th 2013, 12:00am by AFP

    ... of Ancient Egypt, and suggests that Egypt formed far more rapidly than was previously thought." Aha and his seven successors ruled over a territory spanning a similar area to Egypt today, ... of tools have pinpointed the crucial time in world history when Egypt emerged as a distinct state. Experts have wrangled for decades as to when turbulent upper and lower Egypt were brought together ...

  3. Lifestyle - Arts & Culture

    Debate rages about rights of museums to resist claims on artefacts made by the countries of origin

    Posted Nov 15th 2014, 08:16pm by NYT

    ... return to Athens. The Getty has done more antiquities repatriation than most: since 2007 it has sent more than 40 objects, including some of its most stunning ancient Greek and Roman sculptures, ... on what he considers to be an entirely different class of ancient objects that includes the Parthenon Marbles: pieces that left their native soil in the 19th and early 20th century in accordance ...

  4. News - Hong Kong - CULTURE

    History enthusiasts pull up a chair at Heritage Museum exhibition exploring the role of seating as a cultural artefact

    Posted Jun 22nd 2014, 04:30am by Jessie Lau

    ... Jessie Lau jessie.lau@scmp.com A museum exhibition explores the role of seating as a cultural artefact History enthusiasts pull up a chair Slightly faded and elegantly curved, the wooden stool appears small and unassuming- for a 3,000-year-old relic from ancient Egypt, that is. "Tutankhamen's tomb had one almost identical, [but] it's broken," said Naomi ...

  5. Lifestyle - Arts & Culture - PREVIEW

    Arts preview: Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema

    Posted Oct 28th 2012, 12:00am by Natasha Rogai

    ... is a frothy farrago of nonsense about an archaeologist who is transported to ancient Egypt in a dream and- you guessed it- falls in love with the Pharoah's daughter. This lavish spectacle gives ...

  6. Lifestyle - Health

    Colour therapy- hues that can heal

    Posted Jan 06th 2014, 09:56am by Sasha Gonzales

    ... feel more grounded and centred. Colour therapy, also called chromotherapy, is not a modern concept. Ancient cultures believed that colour could help healing and improve emotional well-being. In ancient Egypt and Greece, rooms were painted in different colours in an attempt to treat various ailments. The Egyptians even designed special healing sanctuaries that captured and split ...

  7. Lifestyle - Family & Education - LEARNING CURVE

    Clear thinking leads students to the top of the form

    Posted Feb 17th 2013, 12:00am by Anjali Hazari

    ... hieroglyphic alphabet by the age of seven, after he studied ancient Egypt in school, and he left notes in hieroglyphics around the house," his parents say. "In reality," Oliver says, ...

  8. Lifestyle - Technology - ARCHITECTURE

    Nigel Reading's groundbreaking buildings may be coming to Hong Kong

    Posted Jan 19th 2014, 02:24am by Kate Whitehead

    ... of Egypt's ancient pyramids and Greece when we think of the golden ratio, and that's precisely where Reading's fascination began. It's a ratio deeply embedded in many works of art ... Kate Whitehead Architect's interest in ancient Greek geometry led to a new way of thinking about design- now his work may be coming to Hong Kong Finding order atthe heart of chaos ...

  9. Lifestyle - Food & Wine - LEGENDS KAHK

    Legends: kahk

    Posted Aug 16th 2012, 12:00am by Janice Leung

    ... and family to exchange gifts and, of course, feasting. In Egypt,one of the most popular foods offered at this time is kahk, sweet, yeast-risen cookies that can be filled with minced dates or figs, or baked plain. It is thought they date back to around 1500BC. Images of kahk and the baking process can be found on the walls of the tombs of pharaohs who ruled in ancient Thebes. Honey was shown ...

  10. Lifestyle - Arts & Culture - ARTS

    Precious Afghanistan heritage reclaimed

    Posted Jun 16th 2013, 12:00am by Sue Green

    ... Sue Green A Melbourne exhibition of Afghan treasures is a remarkable affirmation of a troubled land's ancient culture and a tribute to the people who saved them, writes Sue Green ... it and by the time it was abandoned because of the impending US invasion he had found more gold objects than in the tomb of Egypt’s King Tutankhamun. Some years later, while Hiebert was researching his ...




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