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  1. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Rant: what would Joe Strummer do?

    Posted May 03rd 2014, 11:09pm by Mark Footer

    ... to Beijing or Shanghai, two of the few places on Earth that have air that is more disgusting than our own.   To get a clearer picture of Hong Kong’s air pollution, read our feature: Bad air daze ... released in 1982. He wasn't singing about pollution, but his is a question currently being asked by many Hong Kong parents who have the means to leave and are sick of breathing the city's ...

  2. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Then & now: save your breath

    Posted Dec 23rd 2012, 12:00am by Jason Wordie

    ... Jason Wordie With so much talk about Hong Kong's worsening pollution, it's worth noting that the past was not as bright as we think, writes Jason Wordie Save your breath While air-borne atmospheric filth remains a significant problem in contemporary Hong Kong, a few attempts have been made to address the issue. For decades, though, the matter was largely ignored, ...

  3. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Then & now: bad air days

    Posted Nov 18th 2012, 12:00am by Jason Wordie

    ... Jason Wordie Hong Kong's piercingly blue winter skies may be a memory but today's brown fog is still considered fresh by some visitors, writes Jason Wordie Bad air days Recent weeks have seen abundant pollution- of one form or another- steadily wafting down to Hong Kong from the north. If evidence from previous years offers any indication, this trend will continue ...

  4. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Rant: heir of the smog

    Posted Mar 22nd 2014, 11:20pm by Mark Footer

    ... Mark Footer Mark Footer Heir of the smog As anyone who breathes for a living could tell you, last week was another shocking one for pollution in Hong Kong. And as decisive action was taken ... metal-contaminated) sand. Sure, there is some pollution we can do little about- the stuff coming over the border, for example- but there is a lot of action Hong Kong could take if it cared enough about its ...

  5. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Then & now: Repasts from the past

    Posted Jan 04th 2014, 10:11pm by Jason Wordie

    ... government officials parade Hong Kong's impressive human longevity statistics as a supposed counterweight to the debate over chronic air pollution or other pressing public-health concerns. ... an occasional treat for most people in Hong Kong- in much the same way that Chinese cuisine, a generation or two ago, was eaten only on special occasions in the West. Anything different enough, when ...

  6. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Then & now: the not-so-simple life

    Posted Mar 08th 2014, 11:31pm by Jason Wordie

    ... Jason Wordie Urbanites may dream of swapping their desk for a well-furrowed field but Hong Kong can never be self sufficient in food, writes Jason Wordie The not-so-simple life Throughout ... life. Hong Kong is no exception; the city's modern-day Marie Antoinettes happily romp in their own frighteningly detached version of the Petit Trianon and- much like that doomed, tragic ...

  7. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Rant: Striking a SAR note

    Posted Jul 19th 2014, 10:52pm by Robby Nimmo

    ... Robby Nimmo Robby Nimmo Striking a SAR note A radio show recently asked listeners to come up with ideas for Hong Kong musicals. A few thoughts immediately sprang to mind … Billy Spelliot could be a show about a boy who thought he was the only person left in Hong Kong who cared about putting letters in the right order. His mission? To erase the green grocer's apostrophe ...

  8. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Rant: toxic shock

    Posted Aug 19th 2012, 12:00am by Vanessa Ko

    ... weren't considering doing these things in Hong Kong's thick, smoggy air. Every inhalation of stale sum-mer fumes makes me feel like I'm shortening my lifespan and increasing the chance ... The Bonham Road running trail, although lined with a few trees, is still shrouded in smog. There's no escape. A few joggers in urban areas have taken to wearing hi-tech face masks. Hong Kong ...

  9. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Rant: the walking dead

    Posted Mar 10th 2013, 12:00am by Stuart Heaver

    ... dinosaurs left in Hong Kong who can remember that old-fashioned, pre-digital stuff we used to do before we started plugging into our own exclusive parallel universes. You know: conversation, shaking hands, hugging, kissing, making eye contact, laughing, even exchanging the time of day. It was what differentiated a city from a poorly designed mass of concrete with air pollution. Now look ...

  10. Magazines - Post Magazine - SUNDAY MORNING

    Bog standards

    Posted Oct 21st 2012, 12:00am

    ... Hong Kong's obsession with exterior-wall tiles stems from slippery building practices and the efforts of the Toilet King, writes Jason Wordie The chances are, as you read this, that you are sitting in a building that is covered with glazed tiles, a result of Hong Kong’s love affair with this type of building exterior. Early photos show the city’s walls plastered ...




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