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  1. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    'You turn me on' takes on new meaning as we teach technology to think

    Posted Jun 08th 2014, 05:32am by Alex Lo

    ... Alex Lo alex.lo@scmp.com The way things are going, Samantha, star of the Spike Jonze movie Her, mightn't be just a disembodied voice in the future 'You turn me on' takes on a whole new meaning Some of the best recent sci-fi movies are not advertised as such. Among these I would single out Her. This Spike Jonze film stars the voice of Scarlett Johansson as Samantha, ...

  2. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    How to tell when scientific 'breakthroughs' are bogus

    Posted Apr 27th 2014, 05:05am by Martin Williams

    ... normally reserved for royal births and movie-star shenanigans rather than scientists' announcements. Alas, despite the hoopla, neither report proved to be true. Claims of deuterium (heavy ... spectacular-if-true situation some years ago, when magazine editors suggested I might write about a Chinese report of DNA being recovered from a dinosaur fossil. Especially in the wake of the movie Jurassic ...

  3. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Mathematical models give little hope for mankind's survival in a real zombie apocalypse

    Posted Jul 14th 2013, 12:00am by Alex Lo

    ... zombie apocalypse There are the turbo snails in this summer's kid flick hit called Turbo. Then there are the turbo zombies in World War Z, the latest Hollywood zombie movie starring Brad ... which breaks the canonical law of zombie locomotion, established by George Romero in his 1968 classic, Night of the Living Dead. As Max Brooks, who wrote the novel on which Pitt's movie ...

  4. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    'Frankenstein's Cat' poses ethical questions about biotechnology

    Posted Jul 28th 2013, 12:00am by Bloomberg

    ... a no-man's land. As they leave the realm of myth, movies and dreams, they will change our reality. Imagine actually meeting a sphinx, chimera or satyr. Which brings me to a footnote I found engaging. ...

  5. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Scientists implant false memories into mice- and cast doubt on human memories

    Posted Aug 18th 2013, 12:00am by Martin Williams

    ... In the movie Inception a team of corporate spies infiltrate people's dreams to discover information and plant false memories. Last month, scientists reported they had indeed introduced a false ...

  6. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    Zhang Yitang is proof that for mathematicians, life begins at 40

    Posted Jun 09th 2013, 12:00am by Tom Yam

    ... received the Fields Medal, the highest honour in mathematics. The media reinforces the stereotype of youthful mathematical creativity. In the movie A Beautiful Mind John Nash, who as a graduate ... equilibrium, which is today widely applied in economics and conflict analysis. While such young guns make romantic figures for feel-good movies, Zhang's story may be even more inspirational ...

  7. Lifestyle - Technology - SCIENCE FOCUS

    How machines' speech recognition capability has been evolving

    Posted Apr 14th 2013, 12:00am by Tom Yam

    ... in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. But unlike HAL, who ignored commands and killed his human masters, hopefully computers will still do what we tell them to do. Tom Yam is a Hong Kong-based management ...



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