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  1. News - World - SCIENCE

    Scientists in Britain produce propane for first time using renewable process

    Posted Sep 03rd 2014, 10:57pm by GDN

    ... The Guardian Breakthrough made in power source production A gas which can power cars and heat homes has been made using a renewable process for the first time. Propane, which makes up the bulk component of liquefied natural gas, has previously only ever been produced from fossil fuels. But a team of scientists at Imperial College in London has successfully demonstrated ...

  2. Lifestyle - Books - SCIENCE

    Book review: Smashing Physics, by Jon Butterworth

    Posted Aug 10th 2014, 12:46pm by GDN

    ... to improve our material wellbeing, but to enrich our understanding and appreciation of our place in the world. Guardian News & Media ...

  3. News - World - SCIENCE

    Asteroid’s bad timing wiped out unlucky dinosaurs, says UK researcher

    Posted Jul 28th 2014, 09:49pm by GDN

    ... The Guardian Catastrophic asteroid hit earth when dinosaurs were at their weakest, UK researcher says Dinosaurs killed off by 'bad luck' Dinosaurs might have survived the catastrophic asteroid impact that ended their reign had it slammed into earth at a "more convenient time", a scientist has claimed. And if it had, humans would probably not exist. The violent ...

  4. News - World - SCIENCE

    Vantablack, the world’s darkest material, is unveiled by UK firm

    Posted Jul 15th 2014, 08:44pm by GDN

    ... The Guardian Scientists produce the darkest ever fabric, but you won't be seeing it on any fashion catwalk Blackest black in the material world Vantablack is the new black. It is also blacker than all previous blacks known to man, and Guinness World Records. When you look at this new black, you see only a hole. If you were to wear a Little Vantablack Dress, people would see ...

  5. News - World - SCIENCE

    More than 100 scientists threaten to boycott 'premature' project to study brain

    Posted Jul 07th 2014, 11:39pm by GDN

    ... The Guardian in London Scientists fear the 10-year, HK$12.6 billion European initiative to create a supercomputer simulation is premature and a waste of resources Threat to boycott 'doomed' human brain project The world's largest project to unravel the mysteries of the human brain has been thrown into crisis with more than 100 leading researchers threatening to boycott ...

  6. News - World - SCIENCE

    Vast ocean trapped under Earth's crust, scientists say

    Posted Jun 15th 2014, 06:24am by GUARDIAN

    ... The Guardian in Sydney Scientists say reservoir with three times more water than on surface lies within our planet Vast ocean 'trapped under core of earth' If you want to find earth’s vast reservoirs of water, you may have to look beyond the obvious places like the oceans and polar ice caps. Scientists say they have found a vast reservoir of water – enough to fill ...

  7. News - World - SCIENCE

    Nasa surveys find frozen world below ice sheet in Greenland

    Posted Jun 16th 2014, 09:01pm by GDN

    ... The Guardian Greenland hides secret ice world Scientists have discovered a frozen underworld beneath the ice sheet covering northern Greenland. The landscape, a vast expanse of warped shapes including some as tall as skyscrapers, was found using ice-penetrating radar loaded aboard survey flights by US space agency Nasa. The findings and the first images of the frozen world ...

  8. Lifestyle - Books - SCIENCE

    Book review: The Knowledge, by Lewis Dartnell

    Posted May 25th 2014, 03:42pm by GDN

    ... developments of our technological history- just as many countries in Africa have leapfrogged the landline and gone straight to mobile telephony. Guardian News & Media ...

  9. News - World - SCIENCE

    British scientists modify mosquitoes to breed mostly males, in fight against malaria

    Posted Jun 11th 2014, 09:28pm by GDN

    ... The Guardian Gene switch that ensures most of insect's eggs produce males, causing plunge in populations, is hailed as 'quantum leap' in disease fight Modified mosquitoes could wipe out malaria Scientists have hailed the genetic modification of mosquitoes that could crash the insect's populations as a "quantum leap" that will make a substantial ...

  10. News - World - SCIENCE

    Making matter from light to be shown within a year, scientists say

    Posted May 19th 2014, 08:54pm by GDN

    ... The Guardian in London Researchers plan to show 80-year-old theory can be turned into reality, considered one of 'purest demonstrations' of Einstein's posit on energy Matter from light within a year Researchers have worked out how to make matter from pure light and are drawing up plans to demonstrate the feat within the next 12 months. The theory underpinning ...




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