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  1. Business - Comment - MONITOR

    New 'two-child' rules won't trigger China baby boom

    Posted Dec 11th 2013, 04:55am by Tom Holland

    ... won't trigger mainland baby boom Among the reforms pledged by China's Communist Party at its bunfight last month was a relaxation of the one-child policy. Rule changes will be implemented at the local level, so the timing and actual extent of the liberalisation remains unclear. But the idea is that in future couples will be allowed to have a second baby if either parent is themselves ...

  2. Business - Comment - MONITOR

    Chavez was a clown whose policies cost a ruinous price

    Posted Mar 07th 2013, 12:00am by Tom Holland

    ... into Shenzhen carrying more than two tins of baby milk, why doesn't it bother our officials that their actions clearly contravene Article 115 of the Basic Law, which obliges Hong Kong's ...

  3. Business - Comment - MONITOR

    Scrapping the one-child policy won't solve China's problems

    Posted Aug 08th 2013, 12:00am by Tom Holland

    ... to allow more couples to have two babies. But most observers expect the authorities to loosen the current rules next year, moving to a two-child policy a couple of years after. Reaction to the news ... The Wall Street Journal predicted "it will put the economy on a better footing for decades to come". On the Hong Kong stock exchange, baby plays leapt in value. Over the last week, ...

  4. Business - Comment - MONITOR

    Hong Kong government immigration forecasts wildly exaggerated

    Posted Sep 11th 2013, 12:00am by Tom Holland

    ... Hongkongers to get busy making babies. According to the official forecast, natural population growth as births exceed deaths will only result in an increase of 106,000. The rest of the population ...

  5. Business - Comment - MONITOR

    More immigration has not seen Singapore surpass Hong Kong

    Posted Feb 01st 2013, 12:00am by Tom Holland

    ... decided that Singapore's highly educated middle classes were not procreating with enough enthusiasm. He had a point. From an average of more than five babies per woman in the early 1960s, ... rebates and cash "baby bonuses" of up to S$24,000 (HK$150,000) per child, were not encouraging Singaporeans to breed, the government long ago turned to immigration to boost ...

  6. Business - Comment - MONITOR

    If demography is destiny, HK's home prices foretell an evil fate

    Posted Sep 07th 2012, 12:00am by Tom Holland

    ... Cleaner water supplies and the provision of basic healthcare meant far more babies survived to reach adulthood. At the same time, better schooling meant more children- and many more girls- ... a powerful multiplier effect. Better educated and richer families tend to have fewer babies. As a result women spent less time looking after their children and more time working. What's more, ...

  7. Business - Comment - MONITOR

    A grotesque- and ludicrous- answer to global warming

    Posted Aug 27th 2012, 12:00am by Tom Holland

    ... out 8.5 tonnes, (see the first chart) that means your average Brit would have to prevent the birth of 87 Madagascan babies to offset his carbon emissions. As a result, it only needs 7,700 Brits- the population of a small country town- to offset their emissions in this way to stop any babies being born in Madagascar at all. I've a better idea: a website that lets Madagascan ...

  8. Business - Comment - MONITOR

    Forget about stimulus, support growth with sweeping reforms

    Posted Oct 15th 2012, 12:00am by Tom Holland

    ... Similarly, listed companies will no longer need regulatory approval to launch share buy-backs. These moves are welcome, but they are only baby steps. They can hardly be called aggressive, ...



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