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  1. News - World - SCIENCE

    Scientists create fabric that mimics octopus camouflage

    Posted Aug 20th 2014, 09:19pm by AFP

    ... The flexible material's layers include temperature-sensitive dye and photo sensors that respond in one to two seconds to changing patterns. The dye appears black at low temperatures and clear at temperatures above 47 degrees Celsius. "These devices are capable of producing black-and-white patterns that spontaneously match those of the surroundings, without user input or external ...

  2. News - World - SCIENCE

    Vantablack, the world’s darkest material, is unveiled by UK firm

    Posted Jul 15th 2014, 08:44pm by GDN

    ... The Guardian Scientists produce the darkest ever fabric, but you won't be seeing it on any fashion catwalk Blackest black in the material world Vantablack is the new black. It is also blacker than all previous blacks known to man, and Guinness World Records. When you look at this new black, you see only a hole. If you were to wear a Little Vantablack Dress, people would see ...

  3. News - World - SCIENCE

    Drug-resistant bacteria found in Canadian grocery store squid

    Posted Jun 13th 2014, 05:30am by WASHPOST

    ... at the National Institutes of Health clinical centre in 2011 that killed seven people. "The discovery of such a microbe in food means the risk of exposure in the public goes beyond people with travel ... the Chinese grocery store in Saskatoon. They included two squids, two packages of frog legs and two packages of black sea cucumber. Only one squid, a whole frozen one that was about 20-30cm long, ...

  4. News - World - SCIENCE

    More than 100 scientists threaten to boycott 'premature' project to study brain

    Posted Jul 07th 2014, 11:39pm by GDN

    ... of clinical neuroscience at the University Hospital of Lausanne, said that many of the complaints were "irrational sniping" from scientists who were ill-informed, or wanted the funds ...

  5. News - World - SCIENCE

    Autism tied to high levels of steroid hormones during pregnancy

    Posted Jun 04th 2014, 09:41pm by BLOOM

    ... "Now, for the first time, we have also shown that these steroid hormones are elevated in children clinically diagnosed with autism." The study drew on 19,500 amniotic-fluid samples stored ...

  6. News - World - SCIENCE

    Scientists closer to discovering why supermassive black holes grow so big

    Posted Oct 21st 2013, 05:11pm by Staff Reporter

    ... Staff reporter Scientists have tested observational data against top physicists' theories to learn more about how supermassive black holes grow so huge. The researchers from Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) studied the strength of gravitational waves generated from pairs of black holes colliding with each other, using ...

  7. News - World - SCIENCE

    Giant pandas found to have sweet tooth, suggesting they once ate more than bamboo

    Posted Mar 28th 2014, 11:13pm by Reuters

    ... Reuters in Washington Panda's sweet tooth points to change in diet Giant pandas eat plenty of vegetables, but apparently they like dessert, too. Scientists studying the endangered black-and-white bears said on Thursday that while pandas almost exclusively eat bamboo, which contains only tiny amounts of sugars, they showed a strong preference for natural sweeteners in an experiment. ...

  8. News - World - SCIENCE

    Stressed city traders less willing to take risks, study finds

    Posted Feb 18th 2014, 09:44pm by NYT

    ... this study was that these physiological changes- the sub-clinical levels of stress of which we are only dimly aware- are actually altering our ability to take risk." "It is frightening ... to 14 times more likely to suffer clinical depression later in life than those with low or normal cortisol levels. "This is the emergence of a new way of looking at mental illness," ...

  9. News - World - SCIENCE

    DNA of 7,000-year-old European reveals he had blue eyes

    Posted Jan 27th 2014, 11:11pm by GDN

    ... lived in Spain around 7,000 years ago, had an unusual mix of blue eyes, black or brown hair and dark skin, according to analyses of his genetic make-up. He was probably lactose intolerant ...

  10. News - World - SCIENCE

    Scientists unravel eye-colour changes that allow reindeer to cope in Arctic

    Posted Dec 23rd 2013, 05:04am by McClatchy-Tribune

    ... than one with a gold tapetum, but its eyes are 1,000 times more sensitive to light. "Clinically, the reindeer become glaucomic," Jeffery said. The scientists determined ...




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